Ambrose Kerwin

Nature: NPC
Type: Vampire
Occupation: Nightclub owner / sleaze lord

First Encountered: 5.1 "Wanted: Undead or Non-alive"

Description: Words like “attractive”and “handsome” don't fit Ambrose so much as words like “hot” or “stunning”. Ambrose could easily have been a model in his breathing days if he’d made even a weak stab at it. At it was, his gorgeous face and cut body landed him in the porn industry.

Ambrose dresses to show off his body: tight shirts of sheer fabric, form-fitting jeans and trendy shoes. He jumps at every opportunity to don club- or fetish-wear, and if he can doff his shirt altogether, then so much the better as far as he’s concerned.

Information: Is supposedly the "top predator" of the "Boystown" neighborhood, which he's claimed as his personal "hunting" territory. Owns Sidetrack, the biggest and most profitable gay bar in the state, and possibly the country (more correctly: he owns the owner of Sidetrack). He seems to use it as one of his bases of operations, and as a 'larder'. On the side, he also runs a booming pornography production company, "Cockpit Video", that also brings money pouring into his coffers.

It has been mentioned that the fact that Kerwin is an undead monster with supernatural powers isn't necessarily the most dangerous thing about him, but rather that he's got access to lots of money, has deep political connections, is owed many favors, has loads of blackmail material, and hires loads of human staff (especially well-armed bodyguards).

The fact that he apparently has mental powers, like making people fall in love with him and want to obey him, just makes the situation worse.

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