ARMOR Rating Str Def Spd Cost Tags
Reinforced Clothes 1 / 0 1 -0 -0 -
Sports Equipment 2 / 0 2 -1 -1 -
Flak Jacket 1 / 2 1 -1 -0 note
Thin Kevlar Vest 1 / 2 1 -0 -0 ●● BP
Bulletproof Vest 2 / 3 1 -1 -0 ●●● BP
Full Riot Gear 3 / 4 2 -2 -1 ●●● BP
Nature: Game Mechanics
Type: Equipment

The matter of armor has caused some confusion, since some of the types of
modern armor are given contradictory stats and values in different sourcebooks.

We have tried to combine the separate entries, resulting in the information presented here.

For this game, the stats on this page are assumed to overrule anything given in the books.

Rating: Number before the slash is protection against "regular" attacks (melee, thrown, etc),
while number after the slash is protection against Firearms, bows, crossbows, & similar.

Strength: If your character's Strength is lower than that required for the armor worn,
their Brawl and Weaponry attacks suffer a -1 penalty per point below the requirement.
Other Dexterity- & Stamina-based efforts might also be affected.

Def = Defense: The penalty imposed on your character's Defense trait while wearing the armor

Spd = Speed: How much the character's Speed is reduced while wearing the armor.

BP = Bulletproof = Downgrades damage done in Firearms attacks from Lethal to Bashing.
This only applies for shots that hit areas covered by the armor (a vest won't downgrade dmg from shots to the head).

Flak Jacket: Provides partial bulletproofing. It can only downgrade an amount of damage from each attack equal to its Armor Rating. This means that most Flak Jackets can turn the first 2 Lethal damage from a Firearms attack into Bashing, but any further damage remains Lethal.

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