Book Mirror

Nature: Item
Type: Artifact
Form: Mirror

First Encountered: 4.4 "Reap Between the Lines"

Known Powers: Leads to a mirror world.

Description: An ornate mirror large enough for a person to step through. Currently cracked.

The mirror world has none of the books found in the normal world, but has one book (The Journey to the Real World) that isn't found in the normal world.

Stepping through the mirror will cause you to switch places with your mirror image. The mirror you will likely try to keep you in the mirror once that has happened, because it read that this was a good idea in The Journey to the Real World. Some monsters can draw their mirror image out into the real world without ending up in the mirror. They then have another mirror image, which they can also draw out, and so on.

Going through the mirror now causes damage, because it is cracked. You cut yourself on these cracks.

Books cannot enter or leave the mirror.

James Brighton is currently studying The Journey to the Real World with the help of some people in the mirror (the mirror versions of himself and Jure Bernard), in exchange for finding a way to get them out of the mirror without replacing their counterparts.

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