Nature: Departments within the Paranormal Division



Operations Department

Also Known As: Rationalists ("normals")

Members: Special Agents, actual government operatives, soldiers, scientists & researchers

Endowments: Advanced Armory, Field Analysis



Project StarGate

Also Known As: Mentalists

Members: Psychics, some Proximi, willing test-subjects, pseudo-scientists

Endowments: Teleinformatics, Thaumatechnology



The Occulted Inheritors of Liberty

Also Known As: Occultists, Mystics

Members: Thaumaturges, Proximi, and anyone dabbling in "magic".

Endowments: Relic, Elixirs, Unearthed Secrets



Outreach Program

Also Known As: Miscellaneous ("outsiders", "freaks", and more)

Members: Those with allegiances outside the Paranornal Division (like inquisitors of the catholic church, or those from a magical familiy), and strange creatures & outsiders that've been recruited (skinchangers, fetches, etc).

Endowments: Prayer, Benediction, Goetic Gospels

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