Claire Saito
Pre ●●○○○
Man ●○○○○
Com ●●●○○
Str ●●○○○
Dex ●●●●○
Sta ●●●○○
Int ●○○○○
Wit ●●●○○
Res ●●●○○

Morality ●●●●● . ●○○○○ . Defense 3
Health ●●●●● . ●●●○○ . Initiative +7
Willpower ●●●●● . ●○○○○ . Speed 11
. Size 4
Σxcellence ●●○○○
Academics ○○○○○
Crafts ○○○○○
Investigate ●●●○○
Medicine ○○○○○
Occult ●○○○○
Politics ○○○○○
Science ○○○○○
Spycraft ○○○○○
Brawl ○○○○○
Drive ○○○○○
Firearms ○○○○○
Survival ○○○○○
Weaponry ●○○○○

Animal Ken ○○○○○
Empathy ●●●○○
Expression ○○○○○
Intimidation ○○○○○
Persuasion ○○○○○
Socialize ○○○○○
Streetwise ●●○○○

Nature: Player Character
Player: Sondre
User: KyoutaigoKyoutaigo

Type: Special Agent
Branch: Ops.

Virtue: Fortitude (Courage)
Vice: Lust (Thrill-Seeker)


Gender: Female
Age: Twenty
Origin: California, April 9th
Ethnicity: Japanese-Korean
Body: Petite, Lean
Hair: Black, shoulder-length. Some times set up.
Eyes: Auburn
Weight: 51kg (~109lbs)
Height: 149 cm (~4ft10.5in)

●Some people would call her Youthful Energy wrapped in a small package.
●Claire attempts to dress in a way applicable to the current mission, but usually dresses in a tight black bodysuit accompanied by a black leather fanny-pack and a small leather backpack, and sometimes with a ninja-hood when its required. But she also loves it when she gets to wear her tight pants with a half top under a federal jacket.
●She has also been known to don casual/circumstantial disguises, more often than specific ones.

●She is sometimes called "Chika" in asian communities.


●Claire was born as Clarissa Saito to a Korean mother and Japanese Father, whom had fled together from the Korean War and immigrated to the United States. Claire is the youngest of 4 children.
●She was almost always the best kid at Tag, Hide-and-Seek and Kick-the-Can.
●Life in the US was still hard and money was tight. And young Claire took it upon herself to help the family out by doing some "freelance" work. She was able to fool her parents into believing the money came from legit business, and not because she picked it from tourist's pockets and later on doing the occasional "procurement" for impatient collectors who didn't respect the ownership of others.
●A fence under pressure eventually sold her out in lieu of ratting out someone else.
●Luckily for Claire it didn't take Paranormal Division long to stumble upon her case file and the apparent connection to some stolen artifacts. One of the artifacts was cursed and killed most people within 7 days, but Claire was remarkably alive, but perhaps not well given the current circumstances. PD needed to find out if there was something special about her, and if not, her particular skill-set seemed like it could be a boon for the organization.
●Paranormal Division staged an opportunity for a Prison Escape, and Claire took it. PD's preparations however eventually led her into their care where she got the following options: Come and work for them, or end up in a Maximum Security Prison with added jail-time. The choice was an easy one.
●Luckily for Claire her parents now believe she has scored a secure job.

Goals, Ambitions, Desires:
●Steal something for the Government
●Relocate an office supply room before anyone realise whats happening

●Impetuous and excited
●Shy and not very comfortable in Social Settings


Professional Training [ //Cat Burglar// ] 4 (not gm-approved homebrew profession)
├►Contacts: ●Arts & Artifact Aficionados, ●Smugglers
└►Asset Skills: ●Larceny, ●Stealth, ●Athletics.
Small Frame 2
Sleight-of-Hand 2
Parkour: 1
└► Ignore –1/dot from environment on Ath rolls. Need –1sux/dot to pursue or evade in chase.
Status: Paranornal Division [ Ops. ] 1
Multilingual x1 (Japanese, Korean)


●Find Cover (Stealth)
●All Doors Open (Larceny)
●Sympathico (Empathy)
●Powerful Success (Stealth)


NOTABLE GEAR Tool Bonus Coverage Size Details Cost
Athletic Shoes +1 die Running/Jumping/Shadowing 1S 1
Concealable Lock-Picks +1 die Lock-Picking 1P 1
Flashlight 1 less penalty perception in dark 1P -
WEAPONS Dmg Range Size Tags
Telescopic Baton +3 B melee 1S/2J colapsible
Sap +1 B melee 1P damage≥STA=Stun
Sling +2 L 30/60/120 0P AmmoCap: 1
PROTECTIONS Armor Defense Mobility Tags
Tight Bodysuit 1 / 0 –0 –0 subtle
Sympathico 0 +3 –0 circumstantial


Scenarios & Downtime

Default: Training, Excercising, Practicing
Week 1: (Scenario 3 "Under Construction") Exploring HQ
Week 2: (Scenario 3 "Truth or Consequences") Furter exploring HQ and trying to socialize
Week 3: (Scenario 5 "New Dog, Old Tricks") Defaulting
Week 4: (GM) Defaulting, some Socializing
Week 5: (GM) Working the Black Market, Defaulting
Week 6: Traveling to San Francisco to celebrate 20th birthday
Week 7: Returning from San Francisco, defaulting.
Week 8: Defaulting, some HQ Socializing
Week 9:

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