Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty
Nicknames: Artisans, Inventors, Iapixes (insulting: Icaruses)
Themes: Mechanical engineering, visionary but hubristic innovation, the Labyrinth & Icarus

Curse: When taking any action improved by the use of their powers (f.ex. attacking with weapon made with "weaponize object", driving car fixed with "reassembly", etc), if the character rolls an Exceptional Success they must immediately spend 1WP or the result becomes a Dramatic Failure instead. The character and their immediate family can't spend WP to negate this effect, but always get the Dramatic Failure.

Descriptions: Family history claims that they are the descendants of Daedalus, the great inventor and engineer of ancient greek mythology. Yet as his son Icarus experienced, trying to go too far and achieve too much is dangerous, when you're using the tools and powers of the Daedalians.
MATTER–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Craftsman's Eye 1 Int+Sci L Discover the function of a device with moving parts
Discern Composition 1 Wits+Craft L Learn Dur, Size & Struct of item & what it's made of
Alter Accuracy 2 Com+Craft 1M, touch Give item's use 9-again for its next nr of rolls = sux
Control Object 2 Wits+Pers Conc Make item do something within its normal function
Temporary Repair 2 Int+Craft - Make broken device function again for the duration
Weaponize Object 2 Wits+Craft 1M, touch Gives item Weapon Rating = best of Dur & Size
Jury-Rig 3 Int+Craft touch Add functions from a device to a different one,1/sux
Backbite 3 Int+Fire/Weap touch Touched weapon strikes person attacking with it
Reassembly 3 + Summon lost pieces of item and make it whole
Duplication 4 Int+Craft 1M,PorL Make copy of an item out of suitable raw materials
FATE–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Platonic Mechanism 2 Int+Sci Make device work perfectly, no issues or accidents
Loyal Possession 2 Int+Pers 1M Item returns to owner if lost
Lucky Coin 3 Wits+Sci Trans Add +1 Equipment Rating/sux, max +1/(best blessing)
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