Dr Davis

Nature: NPC
Type: Skinchanger
Gender: Male
Branch: Operations

First encountered: 4.5 "New Dog, Old Tricks"

Information: Dr. Davis is a medical researcher working for the Operations Department. Along with his coworker, Dr Sarah, he administers a small low-security medical research facility in the warehouse district. He is not much of a people person, but makes an effort to seem personable to those who volunteer (or are volunteered) to be a test subject. His specialty is finding new techniques, which works well in combination with Dr. Sarah's specialty of refining known techniques. He is also a skinchanger, and takes the form of a tortoise; he has stated that this is because it allows him more protection while he escapes dangerous situations. He is intensely loyal to the Division, especially Operations.

During the events of "New Dog, Old Tricks" he was rescued by Abigail Crowley, Claire Saito, Aoife Cooney, & Tamara Jones from an animal-rescue-attempt-gone-wrong. When the Agents found him, in 'angry tortoise' mode in the back of a box truck, he was surrounded by empty cages that the Agents had seen on tape that the captor had put a number of varying animal shapeshifters in. When asked where the rest were, he informed the Agents that, as the only method used to secure him was a rope, he bit through it and, when the captor stopped to fill up the truck with petrol, helped the other shapeshifters escape as it was better than allowing an unknown enemy to gain control over them. He also stated that he didn't escape at that point as he wanted to know where the captor would take them, and was confident in the Division rescuing him. He was, however, grumpy that it took the Agents the best part of a day to find him. In relation to the Suspicious Dog that the Agents returned to the medical facility for further examination, he stated that a battery of tests would be run soon to determine the true nature of the animal.

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