Dr Francis Smith

Nature: NPC
Type: Unstated
Gender: Male
Branch: Operations

First encountered: 13.2 "Dead is the New Alive"

Dr. Smith is a relatively high-ranking member of the Operations department. A psychologist by trade, he specialises in occult serial killers. Although he works primarily in laboratory settings, he does like getting into the thick of things, and as such is far more likely to interact with lower ranking Division members than others of his rank, sending people on missions directly instead of delegating down the chain of command. He looks to be in his late thirties, wears business casual clothing, has neat short-cropped dark brown hair and a snazzy moustache and sleek glasses.

During the events of "Dead is the New Alive" he sent our agents out into the field to hunt down someone who had been systematically killing a group of humans who referred to themselves as vampires. Around the same time, agents involved with "American Maniac" received his case notes relating to a previous member of the Operations department.

Note 1: players with any rank in Operations will definitely have met him as he likes to get a good idea of the staff he can trust to represent the Operations departments interests. Other characters are likely to have met him in passing as well, but have more discretion on this.
Note 2: This character can be assumed to be an Operations handler for previous plots relating to supernatural serial killers (as long as the mission wasn't specified as having been given by a handler in other parts of the Division).

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