Dr Sarah

Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Branch: Operations

First encountered: 4.5 "New Dog, Old Tricks"

Information: Dr. Sarah is a medical researcher working for the Operations Department. Along with her coworker, Dr Davis, she administers a small low-security medical research facility in the warehouse district. She is much more of a people person than her colleague, and always seems to be at ease. She makes a special effort to calm and reassure those who volunteer (or are volunteered) to be a test subject. Her specialty is refining old techniques, which works well in combination with Dr. Davis' specialty of finding new techniques. Loyal to the Division, and to Operations, she is more likely than many in the Division to go above and beyond for those who put themselves in her care. After all, without willing test subjects, how can the really interesting research get done?

During the events of "New Dog, Old Tricks" she was rescued by Abigail Crowley, Claire Saito, Aoife Cooney, & Tamara Jones from an animal-rescue-attempt-gone-wrong, in which she, along with four guards, were knocked unconscious by an invader who then kidnapped all of the shapeshifters in the building along with, seemingly, the Suspicious Dog.

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