Nature: Game mechanics
Type: Special Powers (agents)

Basic Rules

●Bought as Merits, each one scaling from 1 to 5 dots.

●Buying one requires at least 1 dot of Status in the Branch of the Paranormal Division that supports that Endowment.

●Each type has its own rules and way of working, with individual mechanics given for each Endowment-type.

●A "Conspiracy"-Endowment has many different powers & effects, "Compact"-level only has a set nr of powers & effects (that scale w. dot-lvl)

●It's possible to do in-game research/development, to invent new effects for Conspiracy-level Endowments.


●Primarily, only "Special Agent"-type characters can buy Endowments, but there are some exceptions.

●Conversely, most other character options (like psychics, thaumaturges, skinchangers, proximi, fetches, etc), can't buy Endowments.

The exception: Creature types that are "front loaded", who get all their special traits & powers during chargen, and who can't develop more special powers later on, have the opportunity to buy Endowments (provided that they fulfill the normal prerequisites). F.ex: Wolf-blooded.

●Any creature type with its own "Power Trait" (f.ex. Psi, Wyrd, Synthesis, Gnosis, Chi) is automatically denied Endowments.

Available Endowments

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