Ezra Szabo
Pre ●●○○○
Man ●●○○○
Com ●●○○○
Str ●●●○○
Dex ●●●●○
Sta ●●○○○
Int ●●●●○
Wit ●●●○○
Res ●●○○○

Morality ●●●●● . ●●○○○
Health ●●●●● . ●●○○○
Willpower ●●●●○ . ○○○○○
Athletics ●○○○○
Brawl ●●●○○
Firearms ●●●○○
Larceny ○○○○○
Stealth ●○○○○
Survival ●○○○○
Weaponry ●○○○○
Academics ●●●○○
Crafts ○○○○○
Investigate ●●●●○
Medicine ○○○○○
Occult ●●○○○
Politics ○○○○○
Spycraft ●○○○○

Animal Ken ○○○○○
Empathy ○○○○○
Expression ○○○○○
Intimidation ○○○○○
(mental suggestion)
Socialize ●○○○○
Streetwise ○○○○○
Subterfuge ●○○○○

Nature: Player Character
Player: Jonathan Kim
User: NavigatorblackmobileNavigatorblackmobile

Type: Classified
XP spent: 178 general, 43 supernatural
Branches: Operations Department, Outreach Program

Virtue: Fortitude (anything started needs to be finished)
Vice: Pride (forensics and crime scene analysis)


Gender: Male
Actual Age: Thirty-two
Apparent Age: Late 20s, early 30s
Ethnicity: Hungarian

Body: Broad shoulders but not overly muscled
Hair: Long, black, and ringletted
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 69 kgs
Eyes: Dark brown, sparkling in the light when he laughs.
Initiative Modifier: 6
Speed: 12

As mentioned above, he has long black ringletted hair and brown eyes. In the lab he wears a lab coat and sensible clothing, though the lab coat is black ("to hide stains better"). In private life he wears jeans and band shirts with a leather jacket. When riding his motorbike he wears black protective leathers reinforced "with something special". When working, he wears nice semi-professional clothing, usually in black with some red trim on the shirt, and black leather shoes. All of his clothes are well tailored to fit him. He also smells nice, having found a cologne that works well with his skin. Regardless of anything else he's wearing, he always wears a choker with a silver amulet attached to the front of it. (image at the top)

Note 1: biker gear is modified using a tailor (cost: ●●●) twice per armour set. First time to make the armour look like biker gear instead of obviously being armour, second time to give the social bonus by making it look fashionable.

Note 2: 'clothes & cologne' just refers to how I wish this characters outfit to be portrayed; he has nice gear and he smells good, making interactions far more of a pleasant experience all round. It is functionally no different to just having nice clothes, there just isn't a separate bonus I could find for wearing scent. The rocker gear is matched with cologne because hell, even crust punks wear it on occasion


Ezzy grew up in an orphanage in Hungary. When he was eleven he was adopted by US citizens, who took him to live with them in California. He studied forensics at Berkeley, working closely with police during both Masters and PhD study, producing some groundbreaking works relating to how to identify and forensically analyse crimes committed by cults. After finishing his PhD he worked briefly for the Californian PD in their forensics lab until he came to the notice of the Agency. Officially he was hired due to superior forensic insight into occult related crimes, though there are rumours that something happened that took their attention from 'keep an eye on' to 'actively recruit'.

Relaxed, friendly, confident, and cool. He knows who he is, he's sure of his place in the world, and not much seems to phase him. When socialising, he is quick with a joke, and seems to be quite good at convincing people to unwind. Anyone who has spent time with him outside of work will have been invited to join a hunting expedition out in the wilderness with "the campervan crew" [if your character would have accepted this invitation, let me know so we can talk about what such a trip would have entailed]. When he's on the job, he becomes a lot more professional and direct, though what this means changes depending on the nature of the job. Happiest when investigating and able to carry out forensic work, but will do his best to see any job through once he's started it, for good or bad. He is, however, a stickler for safety, whether that's if you catch a ride with him on his motorbike, walk into his lab, or anything in between. His motto when it comes to safety is pragmatic; "it's easier to stop your arm coming off than it is to stick it back on, so wear the goddamn gear"


Resources ●●●●●
Status: Operations Department ●●●
Status: Outreach Program ●
Contacts ●●
- Police ●
- Interpol ○●
Allies: Police ●●
Shadow Initiation ●●●●●
- Area of Expertise (Secrets) ●
- Cost Break (Unmask, Scourge) ○○●
- Hypnotic Voice (●●●●) ○○○○●
Interdisciplinary Specialty (Secrets) ●
Area of Expertise (Mental Suggestion) ●
Meditative Mind ●●
Reel It In ●
Boneless ●●
Unmask ●●●●
Scourge ●●●●●
Psychic Resistance (restricted) ●●●
- Awakened Magic ●
- Spirit-powers ○●
- Psi ○○●
Language: Hungarian ●
Language: Spanish ●
Language: French ●
Language: German ●
Endowments (Ink): ●●●●
- Bear Mace ●
- Brother Road ○●
- King of the Road ○○●
- Tough as the Last Guy ○○○●
- Currently storing Strength 5 (if used, speed increased to 14)
Artifact: Torch of Shadows (self-fueling) ●●●●
Gugnir targeting system (rifle) ●●●●
Etheric Rounds (both rifles) ●x2
Hod Rounds (both rifles) ●x2



NOTABLE GEAR Tool Bonus Coverage Size Details Cost
Police ID (real) 1 ●●●
Handcuffs 1
Dress clothes & cologne +3 bonus Social Affects sentient beings ●●●●●
Professional clothes & cologne +3 bonus Social Affects sentient beings ●●●●●
Rocker clothes & cologne +3 bonus Social Affects sentient beings ●●●●●
Luchador costume1 +3 bonus Social Affects sentient beings ●●●●●
Makeup +1 bonus Social 1 Takes 10 minutes to apply ●●
Cache hidden in VW2 +3 to effect3 Investigation & misc 5 Can fit objects up to size 5 ●●●
Black Kayak +1 Handling Seats 1 6 Extended use is exhausting
Automotive Tools +1 bonus Crafts & misc 2 ●●
Crowbar +2 to effect4 Larceny & misc 1 ●●
Multi-tool +1 / no -1 Crafts & misc 1 Counts as having tools
Hunting Knife +1 bonus Crafts, survival, & misc 1 Counts as having tools ●●
Duct tape +1 bonus Craft tasks5 1 Can be used to bind6
First aid kit +1 bonus Medicine 2 ●●
Crime Scene Kit +2 bonus Investigation & misc 1 ●●
Forensics Kit +2 bonus Science & misc 1 ●●
Luminol (5 cans) +2 bonus Track or invstgtn 1 Makes body fluid glow, 30 sec
Flashlight +1 bonus Perception in dark 1
Survival gear +2 bonus Survival 2 -2 to environment hazard lvl for cold ●●
Climbing gear +2 bonus Climbing 2 ●●
Rope +1 bonus Craft & misc 3 "For tying around things"
Gunsmithing Kit +2 bonus Craft 2 Fix gun problems ●●
Sighting Tools +2 bonus Craft 2 'Sight' a firearm7 ●●
Bipod for rifle(x2) Specific effect8 Firearms 2
Day/Night telescopic sights for rifle(x2) Specific effect9 Firearms 2 ●●●●
Infrared Laser Sight for rifle(x2) Specific effect10 Firearms 1 ●●●
Ear Protection (3 pairs) 1 Avoid temporary deafness after firing firearm
Speedloader for hunting pistol Specific effect11 1
VEHICLES Handl Accelrtn Speed Seats Size Details Cost
Black Motorcycle w/ Sidecar12 +3 33 117 / 279 1+2 5 If sidecar removed: Handling +5 ●●●
Black VW Beetle Campervan13 -1 9 81 / 117 1+6 18 14 ●●●
WEAPONS Dmg Range ammo Cost Tags
Hunting Rifle15 +4 L 200/400/800 5+1 ●● 9 again, Day16, Night17, Bipod18
Hunting Pistol19 +4 L 50/100/200 5 ●●● 9 again, speedloader
Light Pistol +1 L 20 / 40 / 80 17+1 Stolen20
Sap +1 B melee - Effect = stunning
Hunting Knife +1 L melee - ●● Effect = bonus on skills
Punching Dagger +1 L melee - ●● Effect = Uses Brawl instead of Weaponry
Macuahuitl21 +4 L melee - ●●●●
Barrett M107 +8 L22 300/600/1200 10+1 ●●●●● Must be correctly braced; 8 again, Day23, Night24, Bipod25
PROTECTIONS Armor Defense Mobility Tags
Reinforced clothes26 1 / 027 –0 –0 subtle
Biker gear x328 1 / 229 –0 –0 bulletproof
Heavy biker gear30 3 / 431 –2 –1 bulletproof +32


Other possessions:
Bag of cocaine - Analysed (location: forensics lab)
Voodoo and Hoodoo items (x2)33 (location - cache)

Plots Attended:
Week 1: 1.4: What's Past is Prologue (downtime: analysed cocaine obtained from mafioso residence. Report from this states that the Family the homeowners belong to sells its own members 100% pure cocaine)
Week 2: 2.5: First Blood (downtime: recovering from stab wounds. R&D got his permission to try a new medical treatment meant to close the wounds quickly. Wounds did close quickly, but Ezzy has now reported back to the R&D medical team that he is experiencing incredibly strange side effects. Due to the experimental nature of this treatment, the side effects are classified.)
Week 3: player GMing - 3.5: New Dog, Old Tricks (downtime: coming to terms with the side effects, socialising with the aswang met in First Blood, going hunting to relieve anxiety about what just happened to him)
Week 4: player GMing - 4.5: Casa Noctum (downtime: running intense forensic analysis for the department, continuing to socialise with the aswang as well as any others who wish to socialise with him as he gets more familiar with those around the department)
Week 5: 5.1: Wanted: Undead or Non-alive (downtime: Finding, buying, then modifying a full set of riot armour so that for all intents and purposes it just looks like really nice heavy road leathers)
Week 6: 6.1: Wanted II: Bound by Blood (downtime: researching leads to the location of vampire met in 5.1 through shadow contacts)
Week 7: player GMing - 7.5: Good Intentions (downtime: becoming closer with members of the Division)
Week 8: 8.1: Mystery of the Cursed Mansion (downtime: getting in touch with local law enforcement and offering to give them help with any cases they are too overworked to investigate, especially those connected with possible occult factors)
Week 9: 9.3: Wild, Wild Hunt (downtime: stayed in the Cursed Mansion for a mini-holiday, talking to the local ghosts and psychic; talked to friends and, through unknown channels, found and acquired a secret gun)
Week 10: player GMing - 10.4: Deus suis agnoscet (downtime: For those interested, turned the survival weekend into a full week for both those who wanted to increase their survival skills and those from the Division who wanted to check out the area that we found the deer men in)
Week 11: 11.5: Collector's Edition (downtime: went to a tattoo parlor, though from all appearances it looks like he did so retroactively years ago)
Week 12: player GMing - 12.1: The Paw that Rocks the Cradle (downtime: Formally recognised by both the Operations department and the Outreach Program for services to the Division)
Week 13: player GMing - 13.2: Dead is the New Alive (downtime: started concreting alliances with police)
Week 14: 14.1: The Terror that Flaps in the Night (downtime: went on a weekend retreat with some friends from the old country)
Week 15: 15.4: To Catch a Thief (downtime: worked with organising and solidifying the collaboration agreement with the Parliament of Rooks regarding finding and dealing with Congming Ren; supplied the Operations R&D division with a sample of 'magic sticky moss and water' (1x vial cotten swab covered in moss, 1x vial filled with water) taken from within the maze)
Week 16: player GMing - 16.2: The Day the Musicians Fried (downtime: collecting and collating all of the information relating to the known activities of, in no particular order, A) The Parliament of Rooks, B) The Green Man / Man In Green, and C) Congming Ren, to try to determine patterns of actions taken by each, and thus to build up a better briefing document for agents dealing with these in future.)
Week 17: 17.1: To stay Sane in Maine's in Vain (downtime: Stayed in contact with police as had an 'in' on the case to see what they discovered about the attack by the unknown agency trying to secure the ring)
Week 18: player GMing - 18.1: Familiar-ity Breeds Contempt (downtime: In response to an uptick in cult-related crimes across the US and, indeed, the world, is in the planning phase of a research trip to try to determine whether there is any overarching pattern that connects all of this)
Week 19:
Week 20: player unavailable (downtime: On research trip, contacts the Division at regular times to update them on any new discoveries)
Week 21: player unavailable (downtime: On research trip, as above)
Week 22: player unavailable (downtime: On research trip, as above)
Week 23:

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