Pre ●○○○○
Man ●●●○○
Com ●●●○○
Str ●●○○○ / 1 / 3
Dex ●●●○○ / 3 / 3
Sta ●●○○○ / 2 / 2
Int ●●●○○
Wit ●●●○○
Res ●●○○○

Morality ●●●●● . ●○○○○
Health ●●●●● . ●●○○○ / 4 / 8
Willpower ●●●●● . ○○○○○
Essence Pool ●●● . ○○○
TRAIT Human Beast Hybrid
Size 5 2 6
Speed 10 14 (fly) 11
Init. 6 6 6
Defense 3 3 3
Athletics ○○○○○
Brawl ●●○○○
Drive ○○○○○
Firearms ○○○○○
Larceny ○○○○○
Stealth ●●○○○
Survival ●●○○○
Weaponry ●○○○○
Academics ●●●●○
Crafts ●●○○○
Medicine ○○○○○
Politics ○○○○○
Science ○○○○○
Spycraft ○○○○○

Animal Ken
Expression ○○○○○
Intimidation ○○○○○
Persuasion ○○○○○
Socialize ○○○○○
Streetwise ○○○○○
Subterfuge ●●○○○

Nature: Player Character
Player: Fredrik Olavesen
User: Vincent HunterVincent Hunter

Full Name: Fvla Hobachi Chahta Ohoyo Hopoksia
Birth Name: Onnat Minti
Type: Skinchanger
Totem: Raven
Branch: Outreach Program

Virtue: Prudence (Always do the research)
Vice: Wrath (Never tolerate bigotry)


Gender: Female
Age: 32
Origin: Oklahoma - USA, July 19th
Ethnicity: Native-American

Body: Thin, Scrawny
Hair: Black, Shoulder length
Eyes: Dark Brown, Left eye lacks iris
Weight: 138.8 lbs (63 kg)
Height: 5'10'' (1.77 m)

Animal Form: Common raven. Wingspan of about 3'11'' (120cm), length of about 2' (61cm). Left eye remains the same as in human form.

Hybrid Form:


History: Onnat Minti was born into a highly traditional Choctaw family and tribe, that still practiced the rituals used by their ancestors to keep watch for and defend against local supernatural threats. Her father trained her from an early age in these practices as well as teaching her the tribes old myths and legends, and over time this fostered a deep interest in not only his stories, but stories of monsters and supernatural beings that existed in other cultures and areas of the world. She soon began to collect books on these subjects, as well as writing down the stories her father had taught her, wishing to make sure they would not one day be forgotten entirely.

As she grew older she eventually wanted to do more than just listen to stories, and at 19 she decided to perform the ritual that would give her the ability to assume another creatures form, hunting down a wild raven and bringing back a single feather to be made into a talisman. Choosing a new name to mark her passage into adulthood in the aftermath of the ritual, she readied herself for her new duty as a protector of the tribe.

This life would continue relatively unchanged for the next 9 years until, while out scouting one night, she was unknowingly spotted shifting by agents from the Paranormal Division who were in the same area. A few days later she was approached by a recruiter from the Outreach Program, and offered a position with them.

Goals, Ambitions, Desires:

  • Preserving the old tales and traditions of her tribe.
  • Studying and cataloguing the various forms of supernatural creatures, especially shapeshifters, present in different cultures.


  • Shy and reserved when not in familiar territory.
  • Easily exited by new information or knowledge, especially if related to her studies.
  • Tends to show bursts of anger/aggression towards people who view traditions or groups of people as inferior.



Library (Occult) 3
Interdisciplinary Specialty (Ravens) 1
Area of Expertise (Shapeshifters) 1
Multilingual (Russian, Polish) 1
Professional Training: Occultist 5
Language: Choctaw 1
Resources 1
Alikchi 4
Status (Outreach) 1


Thieving: Humane
Talisman: Permanent (Raven Feather)
Bare Necessities 2
Twisted Tongue 1
Animal Speech 1
Skillful Change 1
Sense of Familiarity 2
Imitate Gift 2
Hybrid Form 5
Tell (-1)


NOTABLE GEAR Tool Bonus Coverage Size Details Cost
Xxx +# dice # #
WEAPONS Dmg Range ammo Tags
Skinning Knife +1 L
Beak +1 L

Other Equipment:

  • Book bag


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