Florence Harris

Nature: NPC
Type: Ghost
Gender: Female

First encountered: 1.4 "What's Past is Prologue"

Information: Florence had a good friend in Amy during her childhood. When she grew up, she married Peter Harris. Not wanting to involve her friend in the mafia to which her husband belonged, she cut ties with her friend. While she loved her husband, she never was quite comfortable with the mafia, and sought for a way out. She found this in Daniel Humphrey, a member of a rival mafia gang. They became lovers, and together planned to go into police custody in exchange for evidence Daniel would provide on his gang. Thus Florence could both escape her situation while also helping her husband. Shortly before they were ready, however, Peter caught them together in bed, and killed them both.

Yet the drive to see her plan through was deeply rooted in Florence, and so she returned as a ghost.

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