SPIRIT-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Spirit Tongue 1 Pres + Soclz - Can perceive & communicate with spirits
Lesser Spirit Summons 2 Pres + Pers vs Resist Call local spirit(s) on your side of gauntlet
Control Spirit 3 Pres + Intim -Rnk vs Rst Make spirit obey 1 command per sux
Goetic Evocation 4 Res + Occlt 1M, extended Manifest own Vice as custom–made spirit
MIND-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Aura Perception 1 Wit + Emp concentratn View people's emotional states as colors
Third Eye 1 Wit + Emp - Mage Sight. Also scrutinizes emotionl values
Emotional Urging 2 Pres + Emp vs Com+G Alter the emotional state of others
Augment the Mind 3 Res + Acad 1 Mana Boost a Mental or Social Attribute +1/sux (≤3)
Goetic Struggle 3 Pres + Intim lvl 4 sin Fight own Vice. Win: Get WP for not doing it
Disinhibiting Sympathy 3 Ma+Exp vs Res+G,1M Target & associates roll to not act on Vice
Universal Language 3 Wit + Acad - Understand & use any mundane language
SPACE-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Repel [Arcanum] 4 Res + Occult concentratn 1-yard round self is free of [Conjunctional]
Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty

Nicknames: Faustians, The Damned, Marlowes

Curse: It costs them 2WP to resist indulging their Vice when given the opportunity to do so, but only once per Scene. If they can't or won't pay, they can't help but fall to temptation and fulfill Vice.

Oblations: Debauched indulging of one's Vice &/or appetites. Obsessive arcane studies & occult research, ignoring all other concerns. Demon summoning. Getting someone to agree to a ''faustian'' deal, as well as the negotiating such an arrangement. Collecting blackmail material. Despairing.

Family Merits: Conjunctional Repelling (1–4), The Dragon's Tongue (1–2)

Description: ((supposedly descendants of the infamous doctor Faustus, though the family chooses to name itself after his wife, the woman who almost managed to redeem him, and who was pregnant with his child when he was dragged down to hell by his own sins))

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