Houseruled Merits

Nature: Houserules

These are changes in the rules that applies to the various merits.

Professional Training

1.Expertise: You get 1 free "Skill Specialty" in one of your Asset skills.

2.Competence: Each session, you can get the "9-again" benefit on 1 roll with the Asset skills for each dot in this merit.

3.Networking: You get a 3rd Asset skill, and also 2 dots in Contacts (relevant to your profession).
For these Contacts, you can use youir Asset skills on the roll to get information from them during game sessions. .

4.Synergy: ●Specialties in an Asset skill can be used on both of your other Asset skills.
●Once per session, you can get the "8-again" benefit on one use of your Asset skills.
●Lastly: You now get "one 9-again per session" for each separate Asset Skill, not just distributed between them.

5.Savant: You get 1 free "Skill Trick" for one of your Asset Skills, beyond all normal limits.


Shadow Initiation

Requires plot related reason for your character to both know about and be allowed to undergo initiation. Also requires approval from the head GM.

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