Houseruled Powers

Nature: Houserules

These are changes in the rules that applies to the various powers and spells that are used.

Special Agents: Houseruled Masteries

Psychic Powers

Since psychic powers are bought as merits, the 5th dot costs 2 points at chargen, according to the books.

For this game, we will change the rules so that for those psychic powers that are 5-dot merits, the fifth dot does not cost double during chargen, but only for those which aren't "scaled". That is, a psychic power which can be bought in increments (f.ex. from 1-dot up to 5-dot, like Telekinesis), will still have the fifth dot costing double, but those powers which are only a single 5-dot (like Pyrokinesis) effect will be possible to buy by spending 5 merit-points at chargen.

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