Houseruled Powers

Nature: Houserules

These are changes in the rules that applies to the various powers and spells that are used.

Special Agents: Houseruled Masteries



Since psychic powers are bought as merits, the 5th dot costs 2 points at chargen, according to the books.

For this game, we will change the rules so that for those psychic powers that are 5-dot merits, the fifth dot does not cost double during chargen, but only for those which aren't "scaled". That is, a psychic power which can be bought in increments (f.ex. from 1-dot up to 5-dot, like Telekinesis), will still have the fifth dot costing double, but those powers which are only a single 5-dot (like Pyrokinesis) effect will be possible to buy by spending 5 merit-points at chargen.


Some of the functions listed for Telekinesis are now only available at certain dot-levels of the power.

The progression is as follows:
● - Lift & Move
●● - Throwing
●●● - Grappling
●●●● - Fine Control
●●●●● - Attack

Fine control: This isn't exactly a separate power, but just an improvement on how the others can be done.
The character now has enough precision to do delicate and detailed actions with the telekinesis.
The power is now as useful and effective as a human hand.


Prerequisite is changed to "A character’s dots in this Merit can't be higher than the lesser of her Composure or Stamina." (instead of Resolve).


Advanced Armory

New Items:
Pepper spray laced with silver. To combat supernatural beings who are susceptible to silver. Other than that, rules as per normal pepper spray.

New Endowment: Ink

Requires Shadow Initiation instead of Status. Tattoos look faded as if many years old except when the power stored inside is active; at this point they look new to the point of being raw, with the skin around them inflamed as if fresh from the tattooist

Bear Mace: Brawl attack that does damage normally, plus supernatural opponents lose their next action. Can be used a number of times equal to Endowment dots in Ink per session. Tattoo location: palms of both hands, taking the form of occult sigils. Roll: strength + brawl + equipment modifiers - targets stamina, defence, and armour.

Brother Road: To be able to ask specific questions of the literal road equal to Endowment dots in Ink per session; requires you to be by a road. Tattoo location: unstated, but regardless of location is described as subtle. Roll: Wits + Investigation.

King of the Road: Sympathetically 'bond' with a specific vehicle, making it an extension of yourself and vice versa. Designate a specific vehicle. If that vehicle is lost or suffers damage less than or equal to half of its size the vehicle reappears in a parking area the character visits within 24 hours. Tattoo location: Main tattoo is of your vehicle and can be anywhere on your body, but you also are covered in a light network of symbols and sigils of occult import. At the same time, your vehicle gets an arcane paint job of the same symbols; these cannot be hidden by repainting. Roll: Automatic, so no roll required.

Tough as the Last Guy: After any legitimate fight with a supernatural opponent1, win or lose, choose whether to activate this power. When activated this power 'stores' the strength, dexterity, brawl, firearms, OR weaponry dots of your supernatural opponent, with the player choosing which dots to store. The stored dots also include the dots gained through supernatural boosts that the opponent had active, and dots can only be stored if they are higher than what the character has in that attribute/skill. At any time in the future the player can activate this power and will gain the stored dots in the chosen attribute/skill INSTEAD OF their own dots (they do not stack). This lasts for only one scene, and only one Attribute or Skill boost can be stored at any one time. Stored dots can be 'overwritten' in case they have not been used but the player wants to change what is stored. Tattoo location: Script in an unknown language around both biceps, and a small occult sigil on the back of your neck. Roll: Automatic, so no roll required for either 'storing' or activating the stored dots.

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