Houseruled Templates

Nature: Houserules

These are changes in the rules that applies to the various "creature types" that players can choose between.


They have a "Power Trait", called "Psi" (just like special agents have "Excellence").

This has several effects:
1) You add your Psi rating to all activation rolls for psychic powers
(which can stack with the bonus from taking one of the "optional" limitations)

2) It adds to Willpower score, so their final WP rating is now = (Resolve + Composure + Psi)

3) When someone uses a power on a character, and the roll to resist adds a "power trait" to the character's pool, they add Psi to it.
F.ex: If a vampire's mind-control power is resisted with "Resolve + Blood Potency", then a psychic would roll "Resolve + Psi" to resist it.

4) Each dot in Psi after the first reduces the attribute-prerequisites for powers within your "main category" by 1 dot.
F.ex: If your main focus is on psykokinesis-powers, then when you have 2 dots in Psi, all the prerequisites for psykokinesis-powers are reduced by 1. And at Psi-rating 5, you reduce all prerequisites for psykokinesis-powers by 4-

5) Each dot in Psi after the third reduces the attribute-prerequisites for powers outside your "main category" by 1 dot.
F.ex: At Psi 4, all powers outside your focus-category have their prerequisites reduced by 1.



●The arbitrary "1 dot of Power Trait only applicable to resistance rolls" is not used, as it does little except make a complex thing needlessly more cluttered and messy, and has no real justification for being there in the first place.

●It will be possible to buy further Aspects with xp, it won't be limited to the character creation process.

●The sourcebook seems to say that some Aspects cost (final dot-lvl x5) xp, while some have to be bought like merits, paying for each separate dot in turn.

For several reasons, we will treat all Aspects as using the second way of calculating xp cost, so that the final prices are as follows:
Aspect lvl ●● ●●● ●●●● ●●●●●
Total cost 5 xp 15 xp 30 xp 50 xp 75 xp

●This isn't a houserule, but rather a direct quote from the sourcebook, when it comes to buying the "Imitate Gift" aspect:

Note that "Imitate Gift" counts as one Aspect for purposes of increasing by experience. Learning a second Gift to emulate would count as raising the Aspect from 1-dot rating to 2-dots rating (or more, if imitating a higher-dot Gift), not as learning a new 1-dot Aspect.



For the sake of fairness, proximi won't be able to learn Thaumaturgy rituals.

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