On this page (and the sub-pages it links to) we will try to keep a record of when we change the rules for this game, so that they're more freely acessible to the players.

Houseruled Merits
Houseruled Powers
Houseruled Templates

Saga Basics

Approved Additions

Any time a player is given permission by the GM to have and use a new feat, spell, item, or similar (something from outside the pre-approved material), this has to be listed on the appropriate page (links above), so the other players are also informed of what is and isn't allowed.

In general, if things don't get listed here, they're assumed to not have been approved.

Now, the gm's will do their best to keep this updated, but since they have a LOT of work to do already, the players who were allowed to have their new & cool thing are encouraged to help along the process by adding it to the list themselves.

If you can't be arsed to do so, then you only have yourself to blame if you can't use your new power because it hasn't been added to the list of approved stuff yet.


Core Mechanics

Available Char Types

The standard-character is a "super-agent", a sort of hyper-competent mortal / monster hunter. This gives them varioud new abilities and character traits, which you'll find on this site.

If you wish to play something more out of the ordinary, various "minor creature templates" will be available to choose between. You can see several of them in use by looking at the 9 example-characters already published on this website, where 6 of them are 'more than mortal' types of characters (f.ex. psionic power user, ritual magician, a skinchanger, demonically possessed, etc).

Wound Penalties

Wound penalties are upgraded, so instead of (-1 til -3) they are now (-1 til -5)

Computer skill

Since the narrative will take place in 1985 the "Computer" skill has been replaced with "spycraft".

We haven't been able to write good "skill tricks"/masteries for the new skill yet.


We are using thoroughly revised versions of the merits, not the ones in the nWoD corebook. You find them here.

Some of these might be edited and houserules further, as the GM-team get around to taking a closer look at them (f.ex. "professional training" will most likely get reduced and/or altered mechanics Update: this has been houseruled now).

Virtue & vice

The description of what the various Virtues are actually about has been re-written so they a) actually fit what these words and concepts really mean in language and theology, and b) are functional in gameplay and contribute to a better experience.

To a lesser degree the vices are also updated a bit, but these aren't quite so badly presented in the original material, and also we haven't entirely finished writing yet.

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