LIFE–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Forgo Rest 1 Res + Medicine Lasting Can go +(6 hours per sux) longer without sleep
Purge Toxins 1 Sta + Medicine Lasting Remove poisons & drugs from own body
Organic Resilience 2 Sta + Athletics - Get armor = best Life-blessing (vs grapple-dmg)
Self-Healing 2 Dex + Medicine Lasting, 1M Cure self of 1B or 1L damage per sux
Body Mastery 3 Sta + Occult - Boost body's autonomic functions
Honing the Form 3 Res + Athletics 1 Mana Gain +1 dot/sux to 1 single Physical Attribute
Transform Self 3 Sta + Athletics 1 Mana Gain 1 trait/sux from Base or Median lifeforms
Venom 4 Res+Med vs Sta 1 Mana Make harmful toxin, Toxicity=sux, does L dmg
SPACE–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Omnivision 1 Wits + Com - See around yourself, in a full 360O field of vision
Spatial Awareness 1 Wits + Occult - Mage Sight & can see disturbances of Space
Follow Through 2 Wits + Investigt Lasting Teleport to where a portal once used to lead to
Portal 3 Man/Pre + Inv. Ext,Tran,1M Open gateway between two separate locations
Pocket Realm 4 Dex/Com + Inv. Extend, 1M Make place outside usual space.Size20+10/sux
Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty
Nicknames: Fantasians; the Mutated; Morlocks

Themes: Scandinavian folklore beings, "the hidden ones", urban folklore about mythic creatures hiding in the wilderness.

5.4 "Double and/or Nothing"

7.1 "What Big Teeth You Have"

10.1 "The Mists of Avalon"
11.1 "Big Trouble in Little Paradise"

29.1 "Iron Curtain Parkour"

Curse: Because their line was created by an archmage using the ''Hereditary Change'' spell to enhance their biology, the family members are all subject to the same Unraveling effect as per that spell: If their unnatural nature, or their supernatural powers, are witnessed by sleepers who react with disbelief, the proximi begin to suffer Bashing damage, and will eventually sicken and die if they can't get away from mortal scrutiny.

Spell: Unnatural beings made in this way can still cause Disbelief in Sleepers, but since this is a Lasting effect any successes on the (Res+Com) roll to Unravel the magic instead inflicts 1 Bashing damage.

Each Sleeper has 1 roll for each Scene they witness it.

Can inflict –1 to –2 on this roll by playing into a prevailing local myth (f.ex: yeti in tibet), or if it's far away from mainstream & locals still believe in the supernatural

Description: When their powers manifest (usually some time during puberty), they all develop one or more notable physical animal trait, such as hair turning into porcupine quills, or growing a cow-tail and fox-ears, and so on. This is seldom as extreme as having the lower half of a goat (like a satyr), though that has been known to happen once per 2-3 generations.

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