Also Known As: "Hell"
Nature: Otherworldly Dimension
Natives: Dominions ("True Demons"), also known as "Infernals"

Accessing: Supposedly through so-called "Hell Gates"

Description: The realm of Vice, and of violated Morality.

Believed to be the accumulation of all the sins and evils humankind has ever done.

It does not seem to be a place where souls usually go after death, nor is it exactly the "hell" talked of in the Abrahamic religions. Though it is a fact that some powerful infernal demons do have the power to drag a person down into the inferno if the creature is present when the victim's Morality falls to 1 or zero.


Sloth: 1.2 "Requiem for a Daydream" - Roused spirit, turned into Infernal 'hybrid'

Envy: 4.1 "Deal of a Lifetime" - A pure infernal (a 'dominion') incorporeally living in the phone network

Greed: 17.1 "To stay Sane in Maine's in Vain" - Infernal artifact, that made everyone want to own it

Gluttony: 28.1 "Be Our Guest" - Infernal-Possessed person

Pride: 30.3 "It's no better to be safe than sorry" - Pop-star doing an Infernal Pact to gain fame & success

Infernal Things

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