Jean Molay
Pre ●●●○○
Man ●●●●○
Com ●●○○○
Str ●○○○○
Dex ●●●●○
Sta ●●●○○
Int ●●●●○
Wit ●●○○○
Res ●●○○○

Morality ●●●●● . ●●○○○
Health ●●●●● . ●●●○○
Willpower ●●●●○ . ○○○○○
Excellence ●●○○○
Academics ○○○○○
Crafts ○○○○○
Investigate ○○○○○
Medicine ●○○○○
Politics ●○○○○
Science ○○○○○
Spycraft ○○○○○
Athletics ●●○○○
Brawl ●○○○○
Drive ○○○○○
Firearms ●○○○○
Stealth ●●○○○
Survival ○○○○○

Animal Ken ○○○○○
Empathy ●●○○○
Expression ●○○○○
Intimidation ○○○○○
Persuasion ●●●○○
Streetwise ●○○○○
(Fake Id)

Nature: Player Character
Player: Kim
User: KimKim

Type: Special Agent
Branch: The Occulted Inheritors of Liberty

XP spent: Normal 171/175, Special 38/42

Virtue: Hope (I can fix my mistakes!)
Vice: Sloth (Get me the fuck out of here before I get eaten!)


Gender: Male
Age: 29
Origin: French
Ethnicity: French Algerian
Body: You know it!
Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 183 Cm
Weight: 75 Kg


Slim but muscular, dressed in cheap fashionable white clothes.

For most of the Mundane World outside the Paranormal Division magic and psychics are fairy tales. The only people that believe in it are kooks, hippies and New Age nuts. Jean Molay(not his real name), isn't one of them. He was however one of those that saw it as a quick way to riches. Born in France to French Algerians parents returned in the aftermath of Algerian Independence. Jean was always a pretty boy more interested in the easy life then anything resembling hard work. He quickly became a con artist.

Leaving France for California. He started spouting what he saw as bullshit about the "enlightenment" and the "higher state of being". Doing so, he managed to acquire a small following of loyal followers. He directed them to help him "Liberate" (Steal) magic relics, which he then sold to "gullible collectors". Everything was going fine until he decided to use one of those relics in one of his fake rituals that he had read about in a book. Turned out neither the Relic or the ritual was fake and six of his followers died while he got the nasty revelation that magic was real. Found and arrested by the Paranormal Division in the aftermath He was given a stark choice: Jail or helping the division, starting with all the not so gullible collectors on his client list.

Goals, Ambitions, Desires:
Avoiding a complete mental breakdown.
Survive his punishment. Maybe get laid.
Possibly learn what the hell is going on.

Personality: Charming. Full Stop.
Even people that know what Jean has done find him likable.
Has coasted effortlessly on his charm until the "Accident".
Since then he has become much more subdued.
The Accident seems to a have made him smarter,
but if it was the ritual or him finally starting to use his brains is unknown.



Striking Looks ●●
Language (French) ●
Contacts (New age "occultist") ● [New age mundane type, but sometimes useful]
Status (Occulted Inheritors of Liberty) ●
Status (Operations Division) ●
Status (Project Stargate)
Resources ●
Fighting Finesse (Keris) ●●


1) Stealth:Find Cover: Can always find cover during combat, of lvl = Stealth (WoD p162), currently 2 dots.
At 4+ dots, can find "Complete" cover. Contested rolls to stay hidden get 2*Stealth, if you remain in your hiding place

Know the Shadows: Add Stealth to opposed rolls to find or notice people hiding, or following you

2) Persuasion:Everyone Wins: If can speak before anyone attacks, can prevent hostilities without any losing face.
Provided they understand and might need a roll depending on difficulty.

3) Athletics:Perfect Physique: Add Athletics to any Social roll if target can see & appreciate your toned body.

4) Campiones of Fertility Gets 4 dice instead of there if spending WP to advance the cause of fertility.


Elixirs 2

Advanced Armory:

1 Hugin Visor:2 Prevent eye contact, penalties to mind-control user. –2 perception in dim light

2 Bleeder Pistol:2 Firearm damages Vitae, not health. Can be modified for other Fuel types

1 Devils Eyes Wits+Emp (see auras)

2 Voice of the Banshee Vamps & good hearing get 1B/sux and -1/sux, 1 turn/Sta. 1WP, Sta+Exp

1.Skeleton Key: Opens any door with a normal key, doesn't trigger tampering-detections. 1WP

5.Aegis Talisman: ●Wearer gets 3 Armor vs physical & magic attack, never stacks with other types
●Brandish it, use 1WP, roll (Pres+Intim+2) vs (Res+Com), paralyzes target for 1 turn per (sux>foe), loses Def

3.Watchful Keris ●A +2L knife, that gives wearer +1 Initiative.
●If surprised/ambushed in combat can still act in 1st turn, if attacks with Keris.
It's suddenly in hand, and you can even move a distance up to your Speed first.
●Must roll (Wits+Com) or pay 1WP to not attack, in such situation.


NOTABLE GEAR Tool Bonus Coverage Size Details Cost
First-aid Kit +0 dice Medicine 2 can do proper treatment 1
Pepper spray +0 dice melee 0 Inflicts –1 on all rolls -
Hugin Visor +0 dice Special 0 Penalties on Mind Control -
WEAPONS Dmg Range ammo Traits
.22 LR +2L* 5 6 No 10-again
Switchblade +0L melee Concealed
Watchful Keris +2L Melee - Special rules
Bleeder Special Ranged - Special rules
PROTECTIONS Armor Defense Mobility Tags
Aegis Talisman 3 / 3 –0 –0 Magic


XP usage

Relic (Aegis) ●●●●● 30
Resources ●○○○○ 2
Medicine ●○○○○ 3
Weaponry ●○○○○ 3
Weaponry ○●○○○ 6
Firearms ●○○○○ 3
Relic (Keris) ●●● 12
Weaponry ○○●○○ 9
Excellence ○●○○○ 16
Dexterity ○○○●○ 20
Stamina ○○●○○ 15
Elixirs ○●○○○ 4
Skill: Keris Special 3
●●○○○ 6
Wits ○●○○○ 10
Composure ○●○○○ 10
Willpower Special 8
Social ○○●○○ 9
Skill:Seduction Special 3
Status:Operations ●○○○○ 2
Hugin Visor ●● 6
Status:Project Stargate ●○○○○ 2
Devil's Eyes ●● 6
Voice of the Banshee 2
Resolve ○●○○○ 10
Bleeder Pistol 6
Expression ●○○○○ 3
Total spent 171 38


Character Sheet



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