DEATH-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Corpse Flesh 3 Res + Medicine Make own body part-undead to survive harm
Orpheus' Lament 3 Man+Exp
vs Com + G
Concentratn Give all listeners -1/sux on all deliberate rolls
Touch of the Grave 2 Dex + Survival Physically interact with things that are Twilight
Entropic Guard 2 Wits + Occult Get Armor=best Death Blessing
Destroy Object 3 Res + Crafts Lasting Reduce Structure of touched object by 1 / sux
Control Ghost 3 Man+Intim vs R ghost obeys 1simple order/sux (less if complex)
MATTER-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Alter Accuracy 2 Com+ Occult 1 Mana Item's next nr of uses = (sux) get 9-again
Repair Object 3 Dex + Crafts Lasting Fix broken item, restore 1 Structure per sux
Plasticity 3 Dex + Crafts Trans,Touch Make solid material soft & malleable
SPACE-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Expanded Volume 3 Dex + Subt Make container bigger on inside, can hold more
Interpose 3 Dex + Ath Trans,Reflxv Put self between incoming strike & atckd victim
Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty

Nicknames: Ascetics, the Humble Ones, Yogis

Curse: They can never have Resources, nor own tools with Equipment Rating>0, or property of any kind. Unlike normal characters, they are not assumed to have a place to live and enough income to support themselves. Must either live from hand to mouth or be dependent on a benefactor to provide for them.

Description: Originally a lineage of hindu mystics, where the belief that you shouldn't own more than 7 simple objects has become enforced through the family curse. As a result, they are dependent on others, whether the charity of strangers or the patronage of a master. It's suspected that they may have been created like this on purpose, to make them useful and reliable minions & henchmen (not unlike how the Myrmidons were created to be soldiers).

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