Nature: NPC
Type: Angel
First Encountered: 5.4 "Pray, Don't Disturb My Circles"

Description: A large humanoid figure, with bright glowing skin. Brighter even than direct sunlight. It had crystalline wings, which refract the light and create rainbows around it. There is faint music and a general feeling of joy in the area around it.

Lumiel's purpose is to bring light. To do this, it consumes radiation. And, if it can't find enough of that, magic.
A long time ago, some people decided to worship Lumiel. It took offence with that, and asked them to stop. When they wouldn't, it killed them. There was a lot of fighting, which it lost.
Imprisoned for about 10 thousand years, it was released by a team from the Paranormal Divison.
It is currently bringing light and learning about this strange new world it finds itself in.

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