LIFE-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Analyze Organism 1 Com +Survival /
Anml Ken / Medcn
concentration Can 'scan' race, gender & age of beings
Sense Living Beings 1 Wits + An.Ken Area Detect living beings in radius. Can specify
Heal Flora & Fauna 2 Dex + Medicine Lasting Cure Base or Median of 1B or L dmg/sux
Contagion 4 Com + Medicine Ext, Lstn, 1M Reproduce (existing) sickness / disease
Control Base Life 2 Man + An.Ken vs Stamina Make Base life do any natural behavior
Control Median Life 3 Pres + An.Ken vs Resolve Make Median life act on chosen instincts
Trigger the Lizard Brain
("Control Advanced Life")
4 Man + Intim vs Res +G,
Make Human act on instincts you choose
Transfer Median
3 Dex + Medicine vs Stamina Give a Median creature one Base
or Median biological trait per sux
Transform Self 3 Sta + Athletics 1 Mana Give self 1 Base or Median trait per sux
Shapeshift 4 Sta + An.Ken 1 Mana Turn self into any form of life, +drawbacks
SPIRIT-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Familiar Pact 3 Man + Soclz Lasting, 1M Bind a willing spirit as your familiar

Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty

Also known as: Animal Lords, wayob, brujo

1.3 "Under Construction"
5.5 "Domestication Transformation"
11.4 "The Elephant in the Room"
18.1 "Familiar-ity Breeds Contempt"
23.2 "Grand Theft Archaeology"
24.3 "The Fifth Sun"

Curse: ●Do not get the 10 again benefit from dice pools that use Intelligence, Wits or Resolve.
●Furthermore, every "1" rolled on a die in these pools subtracts 1 success from the character's net result

Family Merits: Animal Affinity (1–3), Embodied Familiar (4), Equipped Shapeshifting (2–4).


●In modern rural Mexico, 'nagual' is sometimes synonymous with 'brujo' ("witch"): one who is able to shapeshift into an animal at night, (normally into an owl, bat, or turkey), drink blood from human victims, steal property, cause disease, and the like.

●Mesoamerican belief in tonalism, wherein all humans have an animal counterpart to which their life force is linked, is also part of the definition of nagualism.

●A Nagual is believed to use his powers for good or evil according to his personality

●In some indigenous communities the position of Nagual is integrated into the religious hierarchy. The community knows who is a Nagual, tolerating, fearing and respecting them. Nagualli are hired to remove curses cast by other nagualli.

●In Tzeltal Cancuc, the nagual animal companion is considered a 'caster of disease'.

●The birth date often determines if a person will be a Nagual (Wayob).

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