NCP: North-Central Positronics

Nature: Organization
Type: Private corporation
Leader: Doctor Barbara Wintergreen


1.1 "Opening Gambit": Their agent uses his mind-control to con people out of their money.

4.2 "Illegal Possession, part 1": A new drug allows a weak psychic to remote-possess people, and is used to steal
5.2 "Illegal Possession, part 2": Turns out it was being created and refined in their field-lab. Both for funds & testing.

8.3 "Video Games Rot Your Brains": An arcade game is a trap, sucking people into a mindscape, to scan their memories.

13.3 "This is your Drug on Brains!": Possession-drug gets so good at connecting, it accidentally makes Sigma, a hive-mind

21.3 "King of the Friend-Zone": A regular loser joined an experiment that gave him an uncontrolled psychic power.

24.3 "Mindfuck": Their experiment in subtly influencing the minds of a whole town, ongoing for years, suddenly goes horribly wrong.

29.2 "Project Rainbow":

32.1 "Meeting of the Minds":


Seems to not only primarily employ operatives with psychic powers, but to also be involved in various projects that deal with directly affecting psychic powers and phenomena. Well, when they're not using said psionic tricks to gain large sums of money through cheating or stealing.

Associated People

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