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Nature: Place
Type: Library
Location: Downtown Chicago, close to the University campus
Owner: Debra Lane (who inherited it after Alicia Lane mysteriously vanished)

First Visited: 3.4 "Sinister Symbolism"

A cozy little library. It has a large main room, with several tables at which people can read or study. There is a section further in where bookshelves are arranged in a more labyrinthian fashion. There you can find a comfortable chair to study privately.

The library contains books on the occult, though the most dangerous ones were removed during the events of 4.4 "Reap Between the Lines".

There is a secret book in the back of the library; trying to take out a specific book will cause the bookshelf to swivel open and reveal it. The dangerous books contained within were removed as well.

There is also an apartment for the librarian to live in.

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