Outreach Program

Nature: Organization
Type: Branch within the Paranormal Division

Also Known As: Miscellaneous ("outsiders", "freaks", and more)

Typical Members: Those with allegiances outside the Paranornal Division (like inquisitors of the catholic church, or those from a magical familiy), and strange creatures & outsiders that've been recruited (skinchangers, fetches, etc).

Endowments: Prayer, Benediction, Goetic Gospels


While it might seem like this branch is put together of somewhat random elements, this is because of its origins. Like most of the branches, the Outreach Program started out as a separate organization before being merged with the rest of the Paranormal Division; it was originally a fellowship of like-minded religious "hunters" (mostly christians).

They were different from most other monster hunters, as they believed in redemption, and that many so-called "monsters" were not any worse than human criminals, and could be rehabilitated if given a chance. More militant factions were often better than them at taking down zombies or roving beasts, but when it came to creatures who could think and reason and had the capacity for self-control, the Outreach Program were masters at "getting rid" of monsters by capturing them and teaching them to not act like monsters any more.

By wielding mercy and compassion as their primary weapons, the Program befriended those who felt rejected by humanity, and helped them to be included in society again. They provided training and discipline, enabling a lifestyle that wouldn't harm those around them, and more importantly, wouldn't provoke other monster hunters into killing them.

In return, many of these creatures wanted to help the Outreach Project, and became members as well, working alongside the "missionaries" who gave them salvation.

These days there are many who say that the faith-based members, those with prayers that have magical effects, should really be transferred to "The Occulted Inheritors of Liberty" branch, since that's the department for magic-users. But the ongoing debate about whether occultism and theology is the same thing is still a very heated argument, and both sides often have problems getting along, so no matter how much outsiders might think "they're the same thing", it wouldn't really work to put them together.

And so the Outreach Program remains a mixed bag, put together of those who don't really fit anywhere else, as well as those who feel that removing the thorn from a lion's paw is better than killing the lion.

Known Members

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