DEATH-BLESSINGS lvl Attribt + Skill Target Parameters
Forensic Gaze 1 Int + Medicine cast on self concentration
Grim Sight 1 Wits + Occult cast on self 1 scene duration
Soul Marks 1 Int + Medicine cast on self concentration
Final Vision 2 Pres + Occult touched corpse concentration
with Ghosts
1 Wits + Occult cast on self 1 scene duration
Summon Ghost 2 Pres +Persuasn sensory range vs Resistance
Touch o.t. Grave 2 Dex + Survival cast on self 1 scene duration
TIME-BLESSINGS lvl Attribt + Skill Target Parameters
Perfect Timing 1 Int +Composure cast on self reflexive, 1 Mana
Postcognition 2 Int + Investigate sympathetic concentrate, 1 turn/sux
Divination 3 Int + Investigate sympathetic 1M, conc, 1 answr/sux
Prophecy 4 Int + Occult sympathetic conc, 1 answr/sux
FATE-BLESSINGS lvl Attribt + Skill Target Parameters
Interconnections 1 Int + Investigate cast on self concentrate
The Evil Eye 2 Man +Persuasn sensory range 1M, -Com
Fabricate Fortune 3 Int + Subterfuge sensory range vs Com+G
Destroy Bindings 4 Int/Res +Occult sensory range Lasting/Prolonged
Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty

Nicknames: Laconics, Cassandras, the Enigmatic
Oblations: Mock funerals for Hector, offerings to Apollo, ecstatic chanting
Character Concepts: Private investigator, rescue worker, veteran, solo investor

Curse: Can never accurately relay info learned through the use of personal supernatural abilities. These include Blessings, Awakened rotes & thaumaturgical rites. A Priamid involuntarily tells falsehoods or omits information, even when magically commanded. Telepathic examination yields false visions and for the purpose of supernatural oaths, They are not considered to be lying when the Curse affects their testimony. They know their Curse but are never consciously aware of its effects on their speech & actions. Thus, they can’t identify their own errors unless someone else points them out. Even then, they make inaccurate corrections, compounding the problem

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