Nature: "Creature" type / Subtype of human
Class: Minor Template (player option)


((magical families, people who can manifest a set of specific innate magical powers because they belong to a supernatural bloodline))

Chargen Rules

●Each Proximus belongs to a Dynasty, a specific magical family, a supernatural bloodline
●This gives access to "Blessings", a set of magical powers that the family members can develop
●The character also unavoidably suffers from the Dynasty's family Curse.

●They're purchased as Supernatural Merits, with a dot-rating equal to (Spell Level + 1).
●They have dice pools of (Attribute +Skill), or very rarely (Attribute + Attribute)
●They don’t invoke Paradoxes, but mortals misremember them as if they were Mage spells (''Disbelief'').
●They don’t require special hand movements or too intense concentration, so no penalties for doing them in a grapple.
●If they require an Extended action to perform, each roll takes 3 hours
Blessing lvl ●● ●●● ●●●●
Cost to buy 6 xp 12 xp 20 xp 30 xp

●Can hold up to 5 points of Mana.
●Can't spend more than 1 Mana per round
●Each Dynasty can do their Oblations at a Hallow, in order to harvest Mana.

Merits: Can buy the following, despite the usual prerequisites of those merits.

●High Speech
●Imbued Item
●Unseen Sense

Supernal Health:
●Can perform "Pattern Restoration" and "Pattern Scouring".
●Biologically, their lifespan is 25% longer.

Immunities: Don't suffer "Lunacy" when seeing Uratha-werewolves,
don't get "Vinculum" from vampire Vitae, can't be Ghouled or Embraced,
can't have the First Change to become Uratha, rarely taken by the Fae.



Known Proximi

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