Nature: "Creature" type / Subtype of human
Class: Minor Template (player option)


A small segment of the population has the potential to affect the world around them with the pure power of their mind, developing so-called "psychic powers".

Though various groups have been studying on this phenomenon for many years now, very little is known for certain about psychics and what they can do. In part, this is because most of the world doesn't believe in such things, and among the believers only a few have the training and education (much less the funding) to perform proper scientific research.

Is this a new development that has only manifested within the past century, or have these powers manifested in select humans for thousands of years? Is this a result of the nuclear age, or have psychics been oracles and shamans throughout human history?

We don't know.

Where do these powers come from? Is it just a biological process in the brain? Is it a result of natural evolution? Are psychics distantly descended from a more-advanced race who mated with early humans, and so inherited some of their potential? Are these powers implanted by alien species, possibly while the subject is sleeping or too young to remember? Or is it just a natural part of humanity, and anyone could potentially manifest these abilities? Is it genetic, or just a matter of training and mental exercise?

We don't know.

What we know is that these powers usually manifest during puberty, though "late bloomers" have been known to get powers in later adult life. What we know is that these powers originate in the mind and willpower of a person. We know very little else.


Project StarGate, one branch of the Paranormal Division, was originally created in order to study, understand, and make use of psychic powers. While their goals and methods have expanded beyond this, it's still what they're best at.

One of the reasons why it has proven difficult to prove to the larger scientific community that psychic phenomena really exist, is that they are apparently difficult to perform when viewed and analyzed by sceptical people. The current theory is that all humans have some low-level psychic potential, and while it isn't strong enough for an average person to accomplish much, it's believed that the act of observing and disbelieving someone trying to use psychic powers focuses this potential into a sort of "anti-psi" signal, reducing or negating the attempt.


The scientists at Project StarGate have classified most psychic powers into 4 main categories:

ESP (extra-sensory perception)

Mediumist powers


Telepathy (which also covers affecting minds)

●There is also debate and speculation about whether there exists a fifth category, covering so-called "Anti-psi", "Meta-psi", whose powers deal with directly affecting someone else's use of psychic powers (or even possibly magical powers). Thus far, it remains unknown whether such powers even exist.

Chargen Rules

The main features for a "psychic" player character are these:

1) They get a Power Trait called "Psi", which begins at 1 dot (further mechanics found here)

2) Their Morality-trait is called "Stability" (which works more or less exactly like Morality, for now)

3) They can spend Merit dots to buy Psionic Powers

4) After character creation is over, they can use experience points earned to increase Psi rating or to buy further dots in Psychic Powers.

Psychic Individuals

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