This is a place people can write down and share fun things that have been said during saga sessions, whether in-game or out-of-game.

Gry: Hmmm….do I want to play a magical person, or a competent person?

"I am not meta-gaming. I am merely pointing out that his character is smarter than he is".

"I just put 2 and 2 together, and got what I think is 2. I mean 4."

Thomas Duke – I'm not a terrible person, I've just done terrible things.

Abigail(?): If we're going to help you, you have to stop killing people

Wounder Teenager: What?! I haven't killed anyone!

Fvla(?): What about all those hunters you ripped apart?

Teenager: Those weren't people, they were humans!

Several Players: Oh dear…

1) Player characters have insisted to the NPC that they (the PC's) are humans, and nothing else
2) One of them is currently in crow form
3) Later on, another PC turns into a fox

NPC: (looking down at fox) I see. So this is what "humans" do these days, is it?

(Anniken?): Yes, they get high on drugs, which makes them turn into animals!

NPC: I am very old, so if I die I won't be missing out on much of life. You are very young, and would be missing out on much more of your life if this killed you. That makes it a bigger tragedy for you to die.

Gry: (shocked gasp) She's an actually good person!!!!

Martin: Hey now, Henrik is pretty decent at putting good people in his games. I mean, he isn't one himself, but he often portrays proper good people as characters.

Henrik: ….thanks, I guess?

Bedelia: I've been around for a while, I'm older than I look.

Fox: No, I wasn't insinuating anything! You look lovely! For your age. Whatever it is.

Magnus: So he does have to lie in every sentence.

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