Roland Marco

Nature: Player Character
Player: Hilde
User: HildeAHildeA

Type: Thaumaturge
Tradition: Shaman
Branch: The Occulted Inheritors of Liberty

Virtue: Faith (Truthful. Humanity deserves to know the truth!)
Vice: Lust (Passion for new knowledge and new experiences. I'll try anything once!)

Concept: Celebrity shaman. The famous author of "They Walk Among Us" - now on TV!


I've grabbed the character's looks and name from NRK's
science fiction series "Ta den ring" from 1982



Gender: Male
Age: 32
Origin: USA
Ethnicity: European-American
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Tall, slim, good looking. Usually with a friendly smile.

Dr Marco ("Please, there's no need to be formal. Call me Roland!") grew up in middle class academic family, with a brother and a sister. He studied anthropology at university. For his PhD he went to live with a remote hunter-gatherer tribe somewhere in South America, and was introduced to the secrets of shamanism there. (The shaman said they had dreamt that Roland had an important part to play in the future and needed this knowledge, but it's also entirely possible that they simply wanted an excuse to spend time with him in the sweat lodge.) When he came back, he started to write and hold lectures about the spirit world and other supernatural phenomena and beings.The books became popular, and he was invited to some TV shows. He is now a minor celebrity, and his books have been translated to several languages.

He was recently appointed professor at Northwestern University near Chicago. (The university is small enough that they're willing to give a professorate to someone as young as dr Marco, in the hope that his celebrity status will attract students and funding.) The university's mottos are "Whatsoever things are true" and "The word full of grace and truth", which fit well with Roland's passion for truth.

Roland is friendly, outgoing, and curious. He is also pretty shallow — while he's genuinely happy to see you and spend time with you, he'd be just as happy to spend time with someone else, and will not put a lot of effort into any single relationship if things become difficult. He likes to go clubbing and dancing. He has no steady girlfriend or boyfriend, but sleeps around a lot, and mostly parts with his lovers on friendly terms (at least on his side, some of them might be pissed off because he didn't communicate clearly that he wasn't interested in anything serious).

He strongly dislikes violence, but has learnt during his time in the Division that it's a good idea to learn how to use a gun, and occasionally to wear a kevlar vest even if it ruins the lines of his jacket.

He was picked up by the Division because it's someone's job to glance at all the alternative rubbish that gets published and look for evidence of real abilities. The entry interview was rather tense — there's a pretty huge conflict between the Division's insistence on secrecy and Roland's career and passion for telling people the truth.

Not sure how this was resolved? Roland would insist on being able to keep publishing, but is willing to keep out any mention of the Division, and anonymize anything that could be used to identify other agents. Would the Division be able to live with that, or would they bring out the (virtual) thumbscrews? Or, he could have been threatened by some really scary stuff, and the Division could swoop in and save his life and offer protection, but demand the right to censor his writings in return. (Threat could be real or manufactured by the Division.)

Character sheet in Google doc

Daily routine

  • Meditation for one hour, two rolls a 8 dice (11 dice when at home or other place with meditation room), needs 4 sux. Effect:
    • +3 to (Res+Com) rolls for day (merit Meditative mind)
    • +1 on degeneration roll (Meditation description in source book p 51)
  • Divination ritual for 20-30 minutes, two or three rolls a 7 dice, needs 3 sux
    • For 1 action related to vision of future, roll twice & choose best.

Spirit familiar: Still There Are So Many Things That I Have Never Seen

According to the Second Sight-book the GM should create familiars. I'll add a suggestion here, so it'll be easy to modify if you want to.

Power ●●● Willpower (pow + fin) ●●● ●●● Initiative (fin + res) 5
Finesse ●●● Size (equal to shaman) 5 Defence (max pow/res) 2
Resistance ●●○ Corpus (res + size) 7 Speed (pow + res + 5) 10
Essence 10 (10 max)

(Books says allocate 2/3/3 points in pow/fin/res. Not sure if this is added to a single ● in each attribute, like for human characters.)

Influence: 2 dots (Second Sight book doesn't say what this is)
Numina: Choose one from WoD book p210. Telekinesis seems most useful :-) , and the ability to pick up and handle stuff would probably fit with a curiosity spirit
Ban: Chosen by storyteller, see Mage p320-321 and Werewolf p278-279, or long list in the spirit book.

All spirit familiars can temporarily manifest as ghosts (WoD page 210), power + finesse roll.

Never Seen is a spirit of curiosity. It looks humanoid, with big eyes and sharp features (somewhat childlike, a bit like an anime character). It's covered in feathers in bright colours. (In the tribe Roland was named after a rare bird — something pretty and unusal, but not all that useful.)
There are some obvious drawbacks in having a familiar who's curious about everything. With guidance from his shaman, Roland has let it experience his pain and fear in situations which weren't actually life threatening, so that it's not unbearably curious about those kinds of feelings, but he makes sure to feed it mostly with pleasant and/or interesting new things. (I'm assuming the shaman would know what they were doing, and that this is not actually a terrible idea. I get that a spirit becomes what it feeds on, and it's obviously better if it learns to like what Roland likes, but I also assume that for a curiosity spirit, something which is has never experienced would be really, really tempting. I get the impression from the Book of Spirits that spirits are pretty dangerous companions. There's not a lot about spirit familiars in the Second Sight book, but I assume that a familiar offers assistance in return for being fed by the shaman, and that an emotion spirit feeds by sharing the emotions of its shaman.)
Its name is from a song Bilbo sings when he's old. (Parents who name a child after an European heroic poem are obviously also Tolkien nuts, and push that on their children.)

Questions about character creation

  • I assume as a thaumaturge I do not have excellence or other power trait, correct?
  • With the merit "Good Time Management", extended actions only take 1/2 time per roll. Does it work for rituals? Meditation?
  • Can I have Rituals as speciality for Occultism, to get an extra die for the rituals which use this skill?
  • Merit "Meditative mind" gives +3 on resolve and composure for a day, after succesful meditation. I assume this does not increase fixed stats derived from those attributes (willpower and initiative). Correct?
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