SPIRIT-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Spirit Tongue 1 Pres + Soclz - Can perceive & communicate with spirits
Analyze Spirit 2 Int + Occult - Determine general powers of a Spirit
Lesser Spirit Summons 2 Pres + Pers vs R Call up local spirit on this side of Gauntlet
Command Spirit 3 Pres + Intim vs R Make spirit obey 1 command per sux
Numinous Shield 3 Com + Occult 1M/use Armor vs spirit–powers = best spirit-blessing
Spirit Road 3 Man + Surv Ext, Trans, 1M Make portal across Gauntlet
Rouse Spirit 3 Pres + Pers - Make object's latent spirit awake & active
Otherworldly Armory 3 Pres+Craft vsR, Trans Draw spirit cross Gauntlet & turn into item
Spirit Steed 3 Man + Soclz Extended, 1M Bond Spirit to serve as transport for self
Create Fetish Item 4 Res + Pers vsR, Ext, 1M Give item the powers of a Spirit bound into it
FATE-BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Shared Fate 3 Pres + Pers vs Com+G, 1M Targets share destiny,WP & health effects
Nature: Family lineage
Type: Proximus family Dynasty
Nicknames: Beloved, Treasured Ones, the Trophies
According to Plan - Corpse Bride
Honor to Us All - Mulan

Curse: Sleepwalkers born into the Dynasty do not themselves develop Blessings, only someone who is married to them can gain these powers, and only retain them for as long as said marriage is still valid. If their bond should be broken by divorce, death, annulment or any other conditions that local laws may stipulate, then the spouse is immediately deprived of all their Blessings & any active effects end. If they caused their spouse's death, any spirits they've used Blessings on now hate them.

If the character has Awakened and become a mage before this happens, losing their marital status also causes the rest of their magical powers to wane, in a manner similar to soul loss: They lose 1 doy of Gnosis per 24 hours without a Shahinai spouse, until they revert to being a sleepwalker once they're at Gnosis 0. Should the single Proximus once more be married to a Sleepwalker of this Dynasty they regain their Blessings (and Gnosis) as soon as the new marriage is fully consummated

Special Merits: Can buy Allies, Contacts & Status for any spirits or spirit courts that they (or allied relatives in the dynasty) have established good relations with.

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