Sinister Symbol

Nature: Misc
Type: Meme

First encountered: 4.4 "Sinister Symbolism"

When researching this symbol, people are compelled to draw it over and over again. There will be more and more elaborate versions of the symbol as you do so. In the final stages, people will build models of the symbol. Setting these on fire removes anything in the area from this world, even going so far as to erase records of what used to be there.

Known infected people:
The Paranormal Division people who gave the mission 4.4 "Sinister Symbolism"
A team sent by the paranormal Division to investigate the symbol (vanished)
Alicia Lane
Owen Smith
Thomas Richter
Christina Adams (vanished)
Colin Moss (vanished)
Christian Monroe (vanished)
Meagan Mitchell (vanished)
Amber Whitfield (vanished)
Brian Adams (vanished)
A whole village full of people (vanished)

Known uses:
There are two known cases where the symbol got something to disappear. Once when Owen Smith set fire to an apartment containing models of the symbol, and the other time when Owen Smith set fire to a village rebuilt to be a model of the symbol.

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