Special Agent

Nature: "Creature" type / Type of human
Class: Medium Template (player option)


These are the assumed "standard" characters that players will portray in this saga, and is to some extent custom-written for the "Paranormal Division" game.

The so-called "Special Agents" are human beings, not "monsters" or magical creatures, but who instead have incredible competence and expertise.

Fiction is full of characters who can perform incredible feats, not because of magic powers, but because "they're just that good at what they do". Whether it's Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, or James Bond, these people had abilities that weren't realistic, but who still weren't "supernatural" within the world they lived in.

In a similar way, the Special Agents all have some tricks and signature moves that they can do, not because of mystic power or inhuman biology, but because they're fantastically competent enough.

In the context of the "world of darkness", the Special Agents are effectively classified as "Hunters", which for this game we have simply given more power and 'oomph'. When it comes to rules and mechanics that interact with what exactly a person is classified as (f.ex. undead, mortal, non-human, etc), most of the time a Special Agent would be treated as a "Hunter"-type subject.

Chargen Rules

Note: Remember to check Houseruled Skill Masteries

They can also learn Endowments (provided they fulfill the requirements).

Known Special Agents

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