Pre ●○○○○
Man ●○○○○
Com ●●●●○
Str ●○○○○
Dex ●●○○○
Sta ●●●●○
Int ●○○○○
Wit ●○○○○
Res ●●●●●

Morality ●●●●● . ●●○○○
Health ●●●●● . ●●●●○
Willpower ●●●●● . ●●●●○
Excellence ●○○○○
Academics ○○○○○
Crafts ○○○○○
Investigate ○○○○○
Medicine ○○○○○
Politics ○○○○○
Science ○○○○○
Spycraft ●○○○○
Brawl ●○○○○
Drive ●○○○○
Firearms ○○○○○
Larceny ●○○○○
Stealth ●○○○○
Weaponry ○○○○○

Animal Ken ○○○○○
Empathy ●○○○○
Expression ●○○○○
Intimidation ○○○○○
Persuation ●○○○○
Socialize ●○○○○
Streetwise ○○○○○
Subterfuge ○○○○○



Nature: Player Character
Player: Felix
User: reddragonfirereddragonfire

Type: Special Agent
Branch: Outreach Program

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth


Gender: Male
Age: 29
Origin: Canton, Ohio
Ethnicity: African-American

Body: Toned from years mostly spent outdoors
Hair: Black, short, mostly unkempt
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0'' (1.83 m)
Weight: 150 pounds (68 kg)


History: He was born as Jane West, and grew up in a comfortable middle class house, out in the suburbs of Canton in Ohio, which lies south of Cleveland. His father had a job as a technical engineer at a factory, and expected his son to follow the same route. The young boy, however, saw this as far too nerdy for himself, and preferred to go for a career in football. When they lost the final big game in his last year of school, Jane was devastated. His plans for the future were shattered, and so he decided to just leave to find himself.

What he found, instead, was a beautiful country ever changing as he traveled from place to place. And so he continued traveling the country, sometimes finding employment for a few weeks to earn some spending money, but he was always driven to go on when he had stayed too long in one place. He also learned to live without money if there was no work to be found - scavenging trash bins, begging or finding people who were willing to share a meal with him in excahnge for stories about his travels. He found others along his road, and they traveled together for a time until their paths led them in different directions. From these people he learned new things. He learned of free love, of mind-expanding drugs and of the freedom to be yourself free from societies rules. He learned to freely give of the little he had and live without bothering with permanent possessions. He decided that this was his life, and that it was fitting to choose a new name to make a clean break from his childhood spent so concerned with material wealth and status that now seemed irrelevant. He chose the Name Starchild after a particularly vivid vision he had while high.

At some point he met an agent from the Paranormal Division, not that he knew that at the time. And thus he was introduced to the wonderful world of elixirs, potions and other ways to get supernatural highs. Everything he had experienced before paled in comparison, and so he kept agreeing to do jobs for them whenever they asked in exchange for more of the "good stuff". He isn't quite sure how much of what he has seen on those missions is real and how much is due to those drugs.

Goals, Ambitions, Desires: Relax, see the beauty of the world, and help others do the same.

Personality: Very laid back and informal, comfortable with people who are the same. Feels restricted and confined by anything official. Likes to help people, and to chill out with them.


Status (Outreach Program)



Name Skill
Skill Trick: Nature Boy Survival
Skill Trick: Perfect Physique Atheletics
Sublime Stunt Occult



Prayer Outreach Program ●●●●●
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