Still There Are So Many Things That I Have Never Seen
Power ●●●●○
Finesse ●●●●○
Resistance ●●●○○
Essence 10
Willpower (pow + fin) 8
Size (= shaman's) 5
Defence (max P or R) 3
Corpus (res + size) 8
Speed (P + R + 5) 12
Nature: Creature
Type: Spirit
Rank: Familiar
Master: Roland Marco

Influence: Curiosity

Dice pool: Power + Finesse (8 dice)
lvl Power Duration Cost Effect
Strengthen Emotion 1 minute / sux 1E Make a target currently experiencing the emotion feel it much more strongly
●● Manipulate Emotion 10 minutes / sux 2E Slightly change emotion's focus (what person has the emotion about).
Slightly alter nature of the emotion target feels (admiration to envy,
platonic love to romantic, anger to hate)



Telekinesis: Can manipulate physical objects as though it had a pair of physical hands. It can pick up objects, throw them, open and close doors and windows, write messages — basically anything mortals can do with their hands. Spend one Essence, roll Power + Finesse. Sux = strength, can move 1 yard (+ more per extra sux). If attack: Sux = dice pool for attack.


Suggested ban: If Never Seen comes across someone who's opening presents they are exited and curious about, it has to stay until all the presents are opened or the person isn't exited about them any longer. (Will almost always apply to children opening presents, but also to grown ups if they are exited about the presents.)


Never Seen is a spirit of curiosity. It feeds on the desire to take the road less travelled by, to open Pandora's box, to push that big red button, to see what happens, and on the wonder/joy/shock/awe of seeing/hearing/tasting/feeling something you've never experienced before

It was created from Roland's feelings the first time his shaman teacher showed him the spirit realm.

It looks humanoid, with big eyes and sharp features (somewhat childlike, a bit like an anime character). It's covered in feathers in bright colours. (Its looks are inflenced by Roland's name in the Amazonian tribe where he learnt shamanism. He was named after a rare bird — something pretty and unusal, but not all that useful.)

Its name is from a song Bilbo sings when he's old. (Parents who name a child after an European epic poem are obviously also Tolkien nuts, and push that on their children.)

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