Story Thus Far

This page is where we list the scenarios that have been played in the saga thus far, which will (hopefully) also include a little bit of basic information on what happened in each of these stories. Players are invited to expand on this information with their own retellings and records.

Unless stated to be otherwise, it's assumed that 1 week passes in-game for each week that passes in the real world. That is, this week's plot begins 1 week after last week's plot started.

Week 0 - August 23

0.0: Character Creation

The official beginning of the Saga campaign, which kicks off with a joint chargen session. We go through the basics of the campaign, how things will be organized and run, what people's options are, and then help everyone with creating their own characters and in general providing support so people will be ready to play the following week.

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Week 1 - August 30

1.1: Opening Gambit

GM: Henrik. Characters: Archibald «Doc» Martins (Martin N.), Tamara Jones (Hilde), Gabriel Finch (Michael), Noa "Lentor" Summer (Jonas), Rin (Martin A.), Mabel LeCroix (Carlo), Aoife Cooney (PK)

A notorious con-man, only known as "Mr. Slick", has been tricking people out of their money for almost a year, moving on from city to city both to find new victims and to avoid the previous ones. The team finds out that one of the reasons for his remarkable success, beyond his cautious nature and sensible methods, is that he has the psychic ability to force people to do what he tells them to do.

1.2: Requiem for a Daydream

GM: Håkon. Characters: Fvala (Fredrik), Owen Smith (Magnus), Abigail Crowley (Anniken), Sam (Marianne), Michael Quinn (Trond), Lexie Winter (Gry), Richard Richardson (Vegard)

Revenge of the were-couch!

1.3: Under Construction

GM: Sigve. Characters: Claire Saito (Sondre), Edward Gomen (Kim Madtzog), Thomas Richter (Julian), Bruce "Brews" Alexur (Torgeir), Jure Bernard (Petter), Takahashi (Olava)

A mysterious anonymous tip informs the Paranormal Division that a construction crew working on a new shopping mall are going to be exposed to some sort of supernatural danger. When a team is sent to investigate, they find that they are (mostly) too late, as something has infected the workmen, and has turned them into zombies. Or at least, what seems to be zombies.

There was also a turkey…

1.4: What's Past is Prologue

GM: Felix. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Catherine Magdalen-Wriothesley (Benedicte), Thomas Duke (Sander), James Brighton (Torstein), Jimmy Green (Pål), Argus McJanus (Eric), Ji-Yeong Park (Vebjørn)

The team are sent to investigate a ghost that is haunting Peter Harris and his new wife Amy Harris. They pretend to be municipal workers there to investigate a gas leak, and thus claim that everything the two have been seeing of the ghost was a hallucination. Interviewing them further reveals that the ghost is actually Peters former wife, Florence Harris. They also discover that there were actually two people murdered, not just one.

The team summon the ghost with the help of a blood ritual. It confirms that the other person was her lover, Daniel Humphrey, from a rival mafia gang. Together the two were going to give evidence on that other gang to the police, but Peter found them in bed together and shot them both. The team retrieve the evidence from Daniel's place, and Thomas Duke summons the ghost with another blood ritual to confirm that they are the correct ones. The ghost confirms this, and asks for more blood. He does not give it any more.

The team deliver the evidence to the police, and return only to find the ghost now suffused with blood and crazed. It attacks them while they try to talk it down. Eventually they mention that they did actually deliver the evidence to the police. With its purpose on earth fulfilled, the ghost moves on.


Week 2 - September 6

2.1: Karma Hotel

GM: Henrik. Characters: Thomas Duke (Sander), Bruce Alexur (Torgeir), Jimmy Green (Pål), Abigail Crowley (Anniken), Qiong Li (PK)

♪♫ Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes benz,
she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends.
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat;
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. ♫♪


2.2: Moonlight Shadow

GM: Magnus. Characters: Rin (Martin A.), Edward Gomen (Kim Madtzog), Thomas Richter (Julian), Michael Quinn (Trond), Patrik Lindström (Anders)

♪♫ Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh ♫♪

Thomas Moth
Henry Creed

2.3: Truth or Consequences

GM: Sigve. Characters: Gabriel Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas), Claire Saito (Sondre), Richard (Vegard)

♪♫ They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool
Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be ♫♪

Thanks to the teams investigation the serial killings in the college town of Farifax was thankfully not of supernatural nature, It was on the otherhand the doing of the vietnam special forces veteran Blake Andrew Ward. Blake was on a bloody quest of vengance against those who killed his son, Isaac ward (an American Vietnamese college kid), And those who he assumed was trying to stop him.

The murder was part of an racist frat houses initiation ritual which involved beating up non white students at the college and it seems like this beating became a lynching when Brad van Dom stabed Isaac Ward, This murder was then covered up by the Brads dad, an local detective by the name Chad van Dom, and one of the fratboys father who was an lawyer.
After additional murders the day of the investigation the team managed to find out that Blake was indeed the killer and after an visit of the house of Blake, They managed to find his weapon stash and after almost being found by him, they called the cops on him. This went fairly bad for the police officiers that was sent to arrest him who found out he had trapped his house incase of unwanted visitors and promptly went and assassinated the earlier mentioned lawyer.

The entire thing climaxed at the spring blowout in an nearby lake where Blake killed the Detective, Some of the Frat boys from frat house, under all this Brad took one of his fellow student as a human shield which lead to Blake calling Brad out on all what he had done which after Blake shot Brad in the head at the lake piers. Blake was shortly killed afterwards by Local police officiers.

2.4: Cutting Edge

GM: Felix. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Jure Bernard (Petter), Takahashi (Olava), Maximillian Banes III (Martin #3), Ruth Goldstein (Johannes)

There has been a series of murders, and a team is sent to investigate. At the most recent crime scene, Catherine's power to get visions of the past goes to the far past, and she sees dinosaurs instead. At the next most recent crime scene, they discover that the murderer is none other than the woman in charge of investigating the murders, Milli McDonald. Catherine heads to the police station to confront her, they is told that she was killed an hour ago. When asked for the evidence she claimed she had, she rambles something about people in dinosaur masks, taking inspiration from her earlier vision.

The team head to Milli's house, and find that she had taken a recent interest in civil war era weaponry. Specifically investigating a bayonet blade, comparing it to various stories and legends from the war. They also find documents on previous victims, crossed off. There is one profile not crossed off yet, that of Yasmin Vance.

Going to her house, they tell Yasmin that her life may be in danger. They are invited inside a messy house, and find the bayonet blade among the mess. Takahashi picks it up, but accidentally cuts himself. Time around him stops for a few moments. Confused, Takahashi walks over to the others and pokes them. Then everything starts again. To the others, it seems like Takahashi has just teleported. They discuss what could have caused this; demons, spirits, people in dinosaur masks and so on. Yasmin is still in the room and utterly freaked out about what happened. She demands that they leave, tells them they are crazy and calls the police. Unfortunately for her, the police dismisses her as the same crazy person who'd been there earlier when she starts talking about people with dinosaur masks.

Takahashi decides to test whether cutting two people at once will send both into time stop. It does not, only the wielder's time stops. They discuss whether to deliver the item to the Paranormal division, but decide that since they aren't quite sure yet what caused the murders they should keep it for a few weeks. Over the next few days, Takahashi goes into full withdrawal over not having the weapon, and so they give in and deliver both him and the weapon to the Operations Department.

2.5: First blood

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Beau Davis (Tore), "Doc" (Martin N.), Ji-Yeong Park (Scott)



Week 3 - September 13

3.1: Sins of the Mother

GM: Henrik. Characters: Lexie Winter (Gry), Jure Bernard (Petter), "Doc" (Martin N.), Sam (Marianne)

♫ In a town in the woods at the top of a hill
There's a house where no one lives
So you take a big bag of your big city money there and buy it

But at night when the house is dark
And you're all alone, there's a noise upstairs
At the top of the stairs there's a door
and you take a deep breath and try it.

And the flashlight shows you something moving just inside the door
There's a tattered dress and a feeling you have felt somewhere before

And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a ruined eye
That's always open

And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a pretty mouth
To swallow you whole


3.2: Saturday Night Fever

GM: Håkon. Characters: Thomas Duke (Sander), Catherine (Benedicte), Patrik (Tobias), Max (Endre)

♫ Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear

You give me fever
When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever! in the morning
Fever all through the night ♫


3.3: Basic Instincts

GM: Sigve. Characters: Edward Gomen (Kim), Beau Davis (Tore), Fvala (Fredrik), Mr. Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas)


3.4: Sinister Symbolism

GM: Felix. Characters: Owen Smith (Magnus), Richard (Vegard), Thomas Richter (Julian), Mabel LeCroix (Chris)

The team are handed a note with a single symbol on it, and told to investigate it because it is interesting. The previous team that was sent to investigate this strange phenomenon vanished without a trace.

They go to the library whose owner informed the Paranormal Division of this symbol and asked for any information on it. She is currently deep into studying this symbol, and pays little attention to anything else around her. The symbol she is drawing over and over again becomes ever more complex. They manage to coax some information out of her by asking about the symbol. Apparently a couple of students came to her library to look for information on it, and studied with her for a while. They hadn't come by in a while, though. The owner hadn't even noticed that, too wrapped up in her studies.

Looking through the papers, they find the names of two of the students, and a phone number. They find a reverse phone book (ordered by number instead of name), which includes a couple of black pages with numbers written in old and/or dead languages. Among these numbers is one for the Paranormal Division. After confirming that the number belongs to another student and getting their address, Owen takes this phonebook, and burns the black pages in the nearest hobo fire.

They find a secret room in the back of the library, with heavily protected books. They decide to leave, but Mabel throws in a book just as they leave, so they hear a crash just as the secret bookshelf door closes. Outside the library, they encounter thick black smoke symbols which they identify as numbers in old and/or dead languages. Deciding that this is probably just because of the burnt black pages, they decide to leave without investigating further.

Moving on to the student housing they found in the phone book, they find that all three of the names they have are living on the same floor, though in two apartments. There are three people per apartment, so they now have the names of six students: Christina Adams, Colin Moss, Christian Monroe, Meagan Mitchell, Amber Whitfield and Brian Adams.

There is no answer, so they break in. The first apartment contains tons and tons of notes, with even more elaborate versions of the symbol. They gather all the papers in a bag. The other apartment contains fewer notes, but also physical models of the symbols, now three dimensional and with even more detail. Owen sets these on fire, and the building starts burning. Everybody evacuates.

They ask the students, and are told that the group of students went to their parents. They assume this is a cover story made up by the group. The fire suddenly vanishes. Investigating, they find that the entire apartment they set on fire is gone, it doesn't even show up on the building plan anymore. They set the building on fire once more, and leave to find out where the group got their materials.

They talk to various people around the school, the arts teacher, some people at the gym, before finally finding Junior, who is an information broker of strange and rare information. They trade a new recipe for drugs that Thomas came up with for information on the group. It turns out they actually went to their home village, and the team gets the address.

Arriving at the village, they find it a huge construction site, taking all the material and repurposing into a huge version of the symbol. They find one remaining house, and question the owner. He tells them that a strange person arrived a few weeks earlier and started showing people the symbol, and they studied it more and more and then started construction. They tell the man to rest while they keep him safe before leaving and not keeping him safe.

Moving towards the centre, people try to get them to help with the construction. It works briefly on Thomas before the others snap him out of it. Owen sets the structure on fire. To their surprise, nobody tries to stop the fire. In the centre, they find the stranger and it seems very forthcoming with information. It claims to be a Quashmallim and serving the Principle. It is also apparently an incarnation of the Divine Fire.

The team tells it that they will stop it, but it just replies that it probably is to late for that, indicating the roaring fire around them. The team take that as their cue to run away before the village vanishes, and though sustaining terrible burns make it out just in time. Richard as the only person still conscious gives the others first aid, and drives them to a hospital. After a few days recovering, they call the Paranormal Division, and get them to enact a quarantine on themselves, the people who gave the mission and anybody they interacted with.

3.5: New Dog, Old Tricks

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Abigail Crowley (Anniken), Claire Saito (Sondre), Aoife Cooney (PK), Tamara Jones (Hilde)

*alarm sirens go off*
The team is alerted of an emergency at one of our medical research stations; indeed, the research station where our friends the mushroom zombies are being kept. A number of shapeshifters have been kidnapped by a single individual (including a Dr. Davis, a tortoise skinchanger who was on the research team), along with a suspicious dog, but left all the other 'guests' locked up in their cells. The zombies are all dead. This individual has also stolen an access card that gives access to some of our facilities. On seeing a clear shot of the perpetrators face, Tamara remembers that he was on trial with a few others a while back for eco-terrorism, but the charge was dropped due to police mismanagement. Tamara heads off to meet with punk contacts, while Abigail heads to the library to check the microfiche of articles in that time period. On the way to investigate, the suspicious dog turns up in the van Abigail is driving. Tamara finds out through her contacts that the perpetrator was one Max Watkins and, since they were also involved with that trial and so might know more, heads out to meet Pink Tips and Icky. They inform her of where Max used to hang out, but that he's probably not there due to him breaking up with his partner who lived at that address. After the Agents reunite at the library, the team decide to keep the dog with them, much to Aoife's delight and Tamara's annoyance. Examination of the microfiche gives details of the names of the others most likely living at the address.

The team have a few accidents, including telling a lot of information about the organisation to a man who implies he's an undercover agent for a different government department, and calling the base to talk about case-sensitive information from a public phonebox on a busy street, but eventually catch up with Max, standing by his truck looking annoyed and upset. After failed social interaction and a brief scuffle in which he downs Abigail in one attack and then gets driven into by Aoife on her motorbike, he calls to 'the green man' for help, and then suddenly drops out of his fighting stance and looks confused. Investigation by the team finds that he is, or at least is claiming to be, experiencing severe amnesia.

During this fight, Claire investigated the truck by sneaking alongside it and opening the back, revealing one angry tortoise and no other animals. After the fight the tortoise retakes Dr. Davis' form, grumpy it took the team the best part of a day to find him. When asked where the other animals were, he replies that Max stopped at a gas station a few hours ago, and he helped the other shapeshifters escape as he didn't want them to fall into an unknown enemies' hands. He also states that didn't leave himself because he was confident that the organisation would find him. When asked about the zombies, Dr. Davis says that they were dead on arrival, and that the 'missing' zombie noticed by the team was transported to a different facility as it was healthier, but died en route. The players take Dr. Davis back to the lab, after convincing Max to go with them. In the car, they drug Max so that he is less likely to cause problems for them. Dr. Davis takes the suspicious dog back into the research lab, telling the players that he'll be running a short battery of tests and should know the true story of why this dog is just so damn suspicious soon. Abigail and Aoife say that they want to be able to visit the dog in the lab, with Aoife asking if she can walk him sometimes. The dog, throughout the entire day, has been regarding everyone suspiciously, but he follows Dr. Davis into the lab without fuss.


Week 4 - September 20

4.1: Deal of a Lifetime

GM: Henrik. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Qiong Li (PK), Owen Smith (Magnus), Thomas Richter (Julian)

Would you like to hear about our special offer? You might be interested in our very affordable bulk rates!

4.2: Illegal Possession

GM: Sondre. Characters: Bruce (Torgeir), Sam (Marianne), Mr. Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas)

The ghetto's drug problem suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

4.3: Hit n' Run

GM: Sigve. Characters: Abigail (Anniken), Edward Gomen (Kim), Takahashi (Olava), Tamara (Hilde)

Apparently, the player characters aren't the only ones who have found out how useful a car can be when trying to kill people.

4.4: Reap Between the Lines

GM: Felix. Characters: James Brighton (Torstein), Fvala (Fredrik), Beau Davis (Tore), Jure Bernard (Petter)

It's time to hit the books.
….with your fists!

4.5: Casa Noctum

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Rin (Martin A.), Thomas Duke (Sander), Quinn (Trond), Richard (Vegard)

After a young politician's message of bringing an end to organised crime in Chicago starts gaining traction, a group of well-armed thugs have been found brutally murdered in an alley.

The Division suspects foul play of the supernatural variety.


Week 5 - September 27


Week 6 - October 4

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