Story Thus Far
Table of Contents

This page is where we list the scenarios that have been played in the saga thus far, which will (hopefully) also include a little bit of basic information on what happened in each of these stories. Players are invited to expand on this information with their own retellings and records.

Unless stated to be otherwise, it's assumed that 1 week passes in-game for each week that passes in the real world. That is, this week's plot begins 1 week after last week's plot started.

Week 0 - August 23

0.0: Character Creation

The official beginning of the Saga campaign, which kicks off with a joint chargen session. We go through the basics of the campaign, how things will be organized and run, what people's options are, and then help everyone with creating their own characters and in general providing support so people will be ready to play the following week.

See also here



Week 1 - August 30

1.1: Opening Gambit

GM: Henrik. Characters: Archibald «Doc» Martins (Martin N.), Tamara Jones (Hilde), Gabriel Finch (Michael), Noa "Lentor" Summer (Jonas), Rin (Martin A.), Mabel LeCroix (Carlo), Aoife Cooney (PK)

A notorious con-man, only known as "Mr. Slick", has been tricking people out of their money for almost a year, moving on from city to city both to find new victims and to avoid the previous ones. The team finds out that one of the reasons for his remarkable success, beyond his cautious nature and sensible methods, is that he has the psychic ability to force people to do what he tells them to do.

1.2: Requiem for a Daydream

GM: Håkon. Characters: Fvala (Fredrik), Owen Smith (Magnus), Abigail Crowley (Anniken), Sam (Marianne), Michael Quinn (Trond), Lexie Winter (Gry), Richard Richardson (Vegard)

Revenge of the were-couch!

1.3: Under Construction

GM: Sigve. Characters: Claire Saito (Sondre), Edward Gomen (Kim Madtzog), Thomas Richter (Julian), Bruce "Brews" Alexur (Torgeir), Jure Bernard (Petter), Takahashi (Olava)

A mysterious anonymous tip informs the Paranormal Division that a construction crew working on a new shopping mall are going to be exposed to some sort of supernatural danger. When a team is sent to investigate, they find that they are (mostly) too late, as something has infected the workmen, and has turned them into zombies. Or at least, what seems to be zombies.

There was also a turkey…

1.4: What's Past is Prologue

GM: Felix. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Catherine Magdalen-Wriothesley (Benedicte), Thomas Duke (Sander), James Brighton (Torstein), Jimmy Green (Pål), Argus McJanus (Eric), Ji-Yeong Park (Vebjørn)

The team are sent to investigate a ghost that is haunting Peter Harris and his new wife Amy Harris.


Week 2 - September 6

♪♫ Her mind is Tiffany-twisted,
she got the Mercedes benz,
she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys,
that she calls friends.
How they dance in the courtyard,
sweet summer sweat;
Some dance to remember,
some dance to forget. ♫♪

2.1: Karma Hotel

GM: Henrik. Characters: Thomas Duke (Sander), Bruce Alexur (Torgeir), Abigail Crowley (Anniken), Qiong Li (PK)

(plot description goes here)

2.2: Moonlight Shadow

GM: Magnus. Characters: Rin (Martin A.), Edward Gomen (Kim Madtzog), Thomas Richter (Julian), Michael Quinn (Trond), Patrik Lindström (Anders)

♪♫ Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh ♫♪

Thomas Moth
Henry Creed

2.3: Truth or Consequences

GM: Sigve. Characters: Gabriel Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas), Claire Saito (Sondre), Richard (Vegard)

♪♫ They hurt you at home
and they hit you at school
They hate you if you're clever
and they despise a fool
Till you're so fucking crazy
you can't follow their rules
A working class hero
is something to be
A working class hero
is something to be ♫♪
Thanks to the teams investigation the serial killings in the college town of Fairfax was thankfully not of supernatural nature, It was on the other hand the doing of the Vietnam special forces veteran Blake Andrew Ward. Blake was on a bloody quest of vengeance against those who killed his son, Isaac ward (an American Vietnamese college kid), And those who he assumed was trying to stop him.


2.4: Cutting Edge

GM: Felix. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Jure Bernard (Petter), Takahashi (Olava), Maximillian Banes III (Martin #3), Ruth Goldstein (Johannes)

There has been a series of murders, and a team is sent to investigate.

The solution: The murder weapon did it!

Milli McDonald
The Cutting Edge, a magical bayonet

2.5: First blood

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Beau Davis (Tore), "Doc" (Martin N.), Ji-Yeong Park (Scott)



Week 3 - September 13

3.1: Sins of the Mother

GM: Henrik. Characters: Lexie Winter (Gry), Jure Bernard (Petter), "Doc" (Martin N.), Sam (Marianne)

♫ In a town in the woods at the top of a hill
There's a house where no one lives
So you take a big bag of your big city money there and buy it

But at night when the house is dark
And you're all alone, there's a noise upstairs
At the top of the stairs there's a door
and you take a deep breath and try it.

And the flashlight shows you something moving just inside the door
There's a tattered dress and a feeling you have felt somewhere before

And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a ruined eye
That's always open

And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a pretty mouth
To swallow you whole


♫ Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear

You give me fever
When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever! in the morning
Fever all through the night ♫

3.2: Saturday Night Fever

GM: Håkon. Characters: Thomas Duke (Sander), Catherine (Benedicte), Patrik (Tobias), Max (Endre)

(plot description goes here)

Versipellitis, the STD that makes you a werewolf

3.3: Basic Instincts

GM: Sigve. Characters: Edward Gomen (Kim), Beau Davis (Tore), Fvala (Fredrik), Mr. Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas)


3.4: Sinister Symbolism

GM: Felix. Characters: Owen Smith (Magnus), Richard (Vegard), Thomas Richter (Julian), Mabel LeCroix (Chris)

The team are handed a note with a single symbol on it, and told to investigate it because it is interesting. The previous team that was sent to investigate this strange phenomenon vanished without a trace.


3.5: New Dog, Old Tricks

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Abigail Crowley (Anniken), Claire Saito (Sondre), Aoife Cooney (PK), Tamara Jones (Hilde)

The team is alerted of an emergency at one of our medical research stations; indeed, the research station where our friends the mushroom zombies are being kept.

Dr. Davis
Suspicious Dog
Max Watkins
The Man In Green (first mention)


Week 4 - September 20

4.1: Deal of a Lifetime

GM: Henrik. Characters: Qiong Li (PK), Owen (Magnus), Edward Gomen (Kim), Patrik (Andreas)

Would you like to hear about our special offer? You might be interested in our very affordable bulk rates!

4.2: Illegal Possession (part 1)

GM: Sondre. Characters: Bruce (Torgeir), Sam (Marianne), Mr. Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas)

The ghetto's drug problem suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

4.3: Hit n' Run

GM: Sigve. Characters: Abigail (Anniken), Tamara (Hilde), Ji-Yeong (Tobias), Mabel LeCroix (Chris)

Apparently, the player characters aren't the only ones who have found out how useful a car can be when trying to kill people.

4.4: Reap Between the Lines

GM: Felix. Characters: James Brighton (Torstein), Beau Davis (Tore), Jure Bernard (Petter)

It's time to hit the books.
….with your fists!


4.5: Casa Noctum

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Rin (Martin A.), Thomas Duke (Sander), Quinn (Trond), Richard (Vegard)

After a young politician's message of bringing an end to organized crime in Chicago starts gaining traction, a group of well-armed thugs have been found brutally murdered in an alley. The Division suspects foul play of the supernatural variety, and sends our erstwhile heroes to investigate.


Week 5 - September 27

5.1: Wanted: Undead or Non-alive

GM: Henrik. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Rin (Martin A.), Thomas Duke (Sander), Tamara Jones (Hilde), Patrik (Andreas)

The Paranormal Division has identified an actual full-blooded (zing!) vampire, dwelling in the middle of Chicago.

The team is sent to covertly assassinate this monster.

….in a way that doesn't trace back to the Paranormal Division.

Ambrose Kerwin (vampire)
Sidetrack (nightclub)

5.2: Illegal Possession (part 2)

GM: Sondre. Characters: Bruce (Torgeir), Mr. Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas), Mabel LeCroix (Emil)

Mystical drugs are still afoot, and the team still needs to find whoever's distributing it, and end their vile scheme. Whatever that scheme happens to be…

5.3: En Passant

GM: Sigve. Characters: Quinn (Trond), Abigail (Anniken), Lexie (Gry), Ji-Yeong Park (Jonas #2)

The local police are all abuzz when they confiscate a car full of illegally smuggled goods, and they find that the goods in question are guns, grenades, riot armor, and other gear, enough to outfit a small private army.

The Paranormal Division is majorly concerned when it's discovered that the haul also includes crates of magic items with military applications!


5.4: Double and/or Nothing

GM: Felix. Characters: Owen (Magnus), "Doc" (Martin N.), Edward Gomen (Kim), Max (Ole-Kristian)

In various parts of the city, physical dollar bills have begun to spontaneously vanish from banks without any trace of anybody breaking in.


5.5: Domestication Transformation

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Beau Davis (Tore), Aoife (PK), Argus (Benjamin), Marco Guitierres (Ask)

A series of local people have suddenly gone missing, last seen in their own homes.

From what can be seen it looks like the victims were abducted by their own pets.

●The Nahualli family



Week 6 - October 4

6.1: Wanted II: Bound by Blood

GM: Henrik. Characters: Thomas Duke (Sander), Tamara (Hilde), Patrik (Andreas), Rin (Martin A.), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan)

The mission to covertly assassinate a vampire didn't go as planned, and now an agent of the Paranormal Division is enthralled and abducted by said monster.

How do we solve this?

Answer: Attend the major dance-off that's taking place the coming weekend,
and use the opportunity to steal back the missing agent, Thomas Duke.

Oh, and also actually kill the vampire this time, as thoroughly as possible.

Ambrose Kerwin

6.2: On the Road Again

GM: Håkon. Characters: Owen (Magnus), Abigail (Anniken), Jure (Petter), Lentor (Jonas), Willow (Sondre)

Driving along country roads, looking for Bigfoot.

….until the car breaks down, forcing the characters to spend the night at the Suicide Motel.

Glen Capris Motel

6.3: Pray, Don't Disturb My Circles

GM: Felix. Characters: Qiong Li (PK), Beau (Tore), Marco Guitierres (Ask), Catherine (Benedicte)

Let's go check out the crop circles!

Crop Circle Complex

6.4: The Hook-Man Cometh

GM: Fredrik. Characters: ''Doc'' (Martin N.), Mr. Finch (Michael), Suliman "Sully" Kartal (Sigve), Sam (Marianne)

Newsbreak: Criminally insane serial killer just escaped from a mental asylum!

The Hook-Man


Week 7 - October 11

7.1: What Big Teeth You Have

GM: Henrik. Characters: Fvala (Fredrik), Abigail (Anniken), Marco (Ask), Owen (Magnus)

Ok, this time, let's actually get to the part where we track down Bigfoot!

Hulders / forest-folk
Caitlin the Hulder
Sarah the Hulder
Kevin the Hulder
Marcus the Hulder

7.2: Are You My Mummy?


GM: Håkon. Characters: Qiong Li (PK), "Brews" (Torgeir), Catherine (Benedicte), Helen Aristopolous (Natasia), Aoife Cooney (Anne Marte)

People at The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago have reported mysterious singing in the night,
and nobody can tell where it's coming from…

7.3: The Town Who Cried Wolf

GM: Sigve. Characters: Lentor (Jonas), ''Doc'' (Martin N.), Rin (Martin A.), ??? (Thorvald)

A small town is terrorized by a werewolf.

Who ya gonna call?


7.4: Where have all the organs gone?

GM: Felix. Characters: Richard (Vegard), Sam (Marianne), Thomas Duke (Sander), Tamara (Hilde), Quinn (Trond)

Someone wakes up in a bathtub full of ice in a shabby motel, and find that one of their kidneys have been stolen.

But what about when it turns out that the alternative is worse?

●"Master" Congming Ren

7.5: Good Intentions

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Willow (Sondre), Mr. Finch (Michael), Lexie (Gry), Gomen (Kim), Max (Torbjørn)

A local drug dealer is killed and turned into a piece of alternative art in the form of the Vetruvian Man, and the only witness to the crime claimed that the perpetrator was a local artist, who was engaged at a fundraiser for the local hospital all evening. After piecing together all of the clues, our agents discover that the artist was a psychic whose powers had just manifested in the form of a doppelganger who was taking his frustrations out on those who opposed him, but without the conscious control of the psychic.

The agents convinced the psychic to join the Division, and successfully managed to destroy the corporial side of the doppelganger long enough for the change in jobs to lower the level of frustration enough to prevent remanifestation until after the artist could be trained in how to control it successfully, thus guaranteeing the Division an agent who, in the future, might have the power to be corporeally in two places at once.


Week 8 - October 18

8.1: Mystery of the Cursed Mansion

GM: Henrik. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Richard (Vegard), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Marco (Ask)

Stories have claimed that the distinguished old residence has been haunted for almost two centuries,
but now conditons have suddenly worsened to the point where the place might have to be abandoned.

The Harper House
Leon Harper
Samantha Harper
Professor Henry Harper
Asclepius Holdings

8.2: If you go out in the woods today

GM: Håkon. Characters: Gomen (Kim), "Lentor" (Jonas), O'Malley (Tore), Willow (Sondre), Duke (Sander)

There's a stretch of woodlands a couple of day's travel out from Chicago, where the missing persons rate is way higher than any other similar location, and lots of people have disappeared suddenly without a trace from populated places (like parking lots). What's going on there?

8.3: Video Games rot your brains

GM: Sigve. Characters: Owen (Magnus), Yikeria Jhones (PK), Sam (Marianne), "Brews" (Torgeir)

Let's have fun at the video game arcade! : D
What could possibly happen there?!?

Ygor Euspanes
●The Sinneslöschen corporation

Mysterious logo of the group seemingly behind these (and other) events:


Update: This is later discovered to be the organization known as North-Central Positronics

8.4: One Thing Led to Another…

GM: Felix. Characters: Abigail (Anniken), Mr. Finch (Michael), Rin (Martin A.), Patrik (Andreas), Fvala (Fredrik)

Who knew that tracking down missing kidneys would lead to this?
And by this, we mean high-speed car chase after accelerating tentacle-things!



Week 9 - October 25

9.1: Quest for the Cure

GM: Henrik. Characters: Duke (Sander), "Lentor" (Jonas), Catherine (Benedicte), "Brews" (Torgeir), Starchild (Felix)

Seeking out secret mystic conspiracies in order to gain access to their ancient lore,
in the hopes that it can help the Paranormal Division to deal with magical problems that have cropped up lately.

Kahunas of Pelé
Priests of Aten
Acolytes of the Triune Mother
Trippin' Balls Bowling Alley

9.2: Keep on Truckin'

GM: Håkon. Characters: Aoife Cooney (Anne Marte), Patrik (Andreas), Mr. Finch (Michael), Max (Kevin), Abigail (Anniken)

Long-distance transport trucks have been attacked, viciously ripped open by what seems to have been huge clawed monsters.

9.3: Wild, Wild Hunt

GM: Magnus. Characters: "Sully" (Sigve), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Gomen (Kim), Lexie (Gry), Marco (Ask)

When things go wrong during a recreational hunting trip out in the woods.

Horned Hunters

9.4: Mirror, Mirror, on Every Wall

GM: Fredrik. Characters: ''Doc'' (Martin N.), Willow (Sondre), Sam (Marianne), O'Malley (Tore), Jure (Petter)

It's hard to be the fairest in all the land when your face has been torn off.

Bloody Mary


Week 10 - November 1

10.1: The Mists of Avalon

GM: Henrik. Characters: Abigail (Anniken), Rin (Martin A), Francis Reyes (Mads), Fvala (Fredrik)

For the past four or five weeks, people have seen strange things out across Lake Michigan. When the night is dark and the wind falls quiet, a strange glowing mist can sometimes be seen in the distance, and many whisper that they've heard echoing voices call for help. Yet in the daylight, the lake's surface is just as empty as it always has been.

Soria Moria

10.2: Whatever land you land on

GM: Håkon. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Catherine (Benedicte), Aoife (PK), Sully (Sigve), Max (Kevin)

In this difficult economy, the big construction project required to build the new superhighway (and especially the tunnel through regions of the mountains), an undertaking which creates hundreds or thousands of good jobs, has been welcomed with open arms by the grateful local population. So when more and more suspicious accidents and inexplicable setbacks begin to plague the project, to the point where there are rumours of the whole deal being cursed in some way, there's a lot of intense reactions. Someone needs to figure out what's going on and put an end to it. Hopefully before someone dies.

10.3: You Won't Get Away With This!

GM: Felix. Characters: Quinn (Trond), Tamara (Hilde), "Lentor" (Jonas), Richard (Vegard), Gomen (Kim)

The cult-leader known as "Congming Ren" has so far managed to escape capture.
We have received intel telling us that he might be exploiting innocent people once again.
Someone needs to apprehend him. That "someone" seems to be the Paranormal Division.

Result: We killed him. Mission accomplished. (See also What Have I Done?!?!)
Or rather, that's what the agents involved remember afterwards…

10.4: Deus suis agnoscet

Or "Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius"

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Marco (Ask), O'Malley (Tore), Duke (Sander), Willow (Sondre)

Several of the ritual magicians and minor occultists in the area seem to be ganging together and dropping off the grid, as more and more of them vanish from the surveillance the Paranormal Division uses to track them. Our agents are activated to find out why, and discover that another group of hunters, using techniques similar to those used by the Outreach Program, have been systematically hunting down thaumaturges and psychics and, as the only group known to have the powers used against them were agents of the Division, it was believed by a large proportion of the thaumaturges and psychics that the Division had decided to kill them.

The agents eventually ran into five of the outsider hunters after accidentally showing them how to breach the magical defences one group of thaumaturges had put in place, leading to a pitched battle between our agents, these outsiders, and the thaumaturges. Our agents fought valiantly, and with the help of the thaumaturges were able to capture the hunters, although two of the hunters were dead for a brief period of time.

Questions still remain however; where did these outsiders come from? Are there any more there? And how can we convince the thaumaturges still in hiding to trust us?



Week 11 - November 8

11.1: Big Trouble in Little Paradise

Or "The Mists of Avalon", part 2

GM: Henrik. Characters: Owen (Magnus U.), Abigail (Anniken), Rin (Martin A), Lexie (Gry), Francis (Mads)

The private sanctuary-world of Soria Moria, the hidden green island-community where the magical Hulder people hide from the lethal disbelief of the mortal world, has been invaded & taken over by the mafia. The elders are hostages, forcing the rest of the inhabitants to do what the criminals tell them to. This has allowed the mafiosos to use this pocket dimension (and its far-flung gates to distant places in the real world) as a hub for smuggling and related crimes.

After the player characters managed to get themselves inside last session, and made contact with the natives, they now have intel on the island's layout as well as the situation going on. This means they're ready to put their guerilla plan into action.

Albert the Hulder
Bedelia the Hulder

11.2: You Can Own the Earth, and Still

Or "Whatever land you land on", part 2

GM: Håkon. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Catherine (Benedicte), "Lentor" (Jonas), Max (Magnus #2)

(plot description goes here)

11.3: Don't Cry for me, Detroit

GM: Sigve. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), Tamara (Hilde), Willow (Sondre), Richard (Vegard), Argus (Odd-Erik)

A part of Detroit (an area called Hamtramck) had uncannily good luck. The agents found a statue which people made sacrifices to (money and stuff). Giving felt good, stealing from it felt bad and made others in the area feel bad too (like someone pissed in their coffee). The agents found a man who sacrificed animals and the occasional human being to it. They kidnapped him and turned him over to the Paranormal Division. Then they got a truck and a bunch of punks willing to do some light vandalism, dug up the statue and turned it over to the Division.

The statue is of a teenaged girl named Alice who disappeared in the woods a couple of hundred years ago. A local Native American tribe left the area afterwards, fleeing from "the dark hunger".

Note: It's possible that the spirit/dark hunger/whatever is connected to the area, and the statue was just a handy place for sacrifices but not essential. So it might be a good idea to go back after a while and check if Hamtramck is now like the rest of Detroit, or if it's worse off because there's an unfed hungry spirit hanging around.

11.4: The Elephant in the Room

GM: Felix. Characters: Marco (Ask), Gomen (Kim), ''Doc'' (Martin N), Patrik (Andreas), Mabel (Rune)

The Paranormal Division wants to establish contact with the magical family who had power over animals, last seen in scenario 5.5: "Domestication Transformation", in order to make diplomatic overtures to them.

This requires them to find these people. The recent reports of a suspiciously elusive elephant roaming the streets unchecked seem like a good place to start, so a team is sent to look into that situation.

●??? the elephant skinchanger
●The Nahualli family

11.5: Collector's Edition

GM: Fredrik. Characters: "Brews" (Torgeir), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Duke (Sander), Adam Wolfe (Jan)

An unsuspecting civilian seems to have come into the possession of a rather powerful magical item.
A team of agents are sent to retrieve said object before the amateur wielder causes irreparable harm with it.

Wand of Duplication
Pirate's Treasure Map
Flashlight of Solid Darkness

The Parliament of Rooks


Week 12 - November 15

12.1: The Paw that Rocks the Cradle

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Abigail (Anniken), Mr. Finch (Michael), Catherine (Benedicte), Duke (Sander), Starchild (Felix)

A teenaged single mother and her newborn baby lives with her own parents, so they can help with the child.
But then a night-beast begins to terrorize the household, and everyone is afraid of what it might eventually do.

Our agents discover that the single mother is being stalked by a wiccan skinchanger. They deduce that the skinchanger might be the father of the child, and discover that the single mother is in a relationship with it against her parents wishes. Then they discover mesopotamian protection sigils in the baby's room, completely at odds with the wiccan angle. Then they discover that the skinchanger is the mothers' lesbian lover, and that the father of the child is a member of the same cult that her parents belong to, which they deduce to be the cult of the man in green.

They then convince the mother to go with them with the child, and convince the lover to come with them. Abigail and Mr. Finch took our new friends in to the division, handing them over to Outreach, then returned for the rest of the team, who had found a party going on near the town. Starchild, being Starchild, elected to stay at the party, while Catherine and Thomas took the chance to leave before the square dancing started.

The Man in Green

12.2: Ruins & Reptiles

GM: Sigve. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Fvla (Fredrik), Patrik (Henrik), O'Malley (Tore), Father Eustace (Torgeir)

Because "Dungeons & Dragons" is just make-believe, while this is real life!

Oh, and also because there are still human-crocodile hybrid mutants in the sewers beneath the city,
whose cultish activities are slowly transmuting the tunnels into sandstone catacombs.

And someone needs to go down there and take care of the problem.


12.3: The Curse of Transylvania U.

GM: Magnus. Characters: Marco (Ask), Rin (Martin A), Jure (Petter), Willow (Sondre), Dr. Wolfe (Jan)

Disastrous events strike Transylvania every 7 years. It has now been seven years since the last tragedy,
and so it might be about time that someone put a stop to whatever sinister forces are causing these catastrophes.

But what dread and unspeakable occult phenomenon can have been menacing Transylvania all these years? And why?

Transylvania University


Week 13 - November 22

13.1: American Maniac

GM: Henrik. Characters: Quinn (Trond), Duke (Sander), Dr. Wolfe (Jan), O'Malley (Tore)

A series of murders over the past decade seem like they're all caused by the same person, a sinister sort of "meta-serial killer":
This woman manages to convince other people to do the killing for her, time and time again.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there's the added complication that she used to work for the Operations Department

Agent Susan Swann
Doctor Rebecca Summerset
Melvin Heidecker

Des Moines

13.2: Dead is the New Alive

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Owen (Magnus), Francis Reyes (Mads), William Gerret (Rune), Jacques LeClerk (Sigve)

Over in Milwaukee three self-professed 'vampires' have been killed. Dr. Smith sends Owen, Francis, William, and Jaques to find out whether this is a hunter who has lost their way or a serial killer with a grudge.

Henry Holliday

13.3: This is your Drug on Brains!


GM: Felix. Characters: Tamara (Hilde), "Lentor" (Jonas), Lexie (Gry), ''Doc'' (Martin N)

A call for help is phoned in, by someone who claims to have information about the enigmatic organization encountered several times (1.1 "Opening Gambit", 4-5.2 "Illegal Possession", and 8.3 "Video Games rot your brains"), but which has thus far only been linked to a simple logo.

But is this desperate cry for salvation genuine, or is it a setup? And can the Paranormal Division afford to miss out on the chance to finally get solid info on this group, even if it requires sending loyal agents into what could possibly be a lethal trap?

North-Central Positronics

13.4: These Were the Days

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Mr. Finch (Michael), Rin (Martin A), Marco (Ask), Aoife (PK)

Ain't no party like a time-loop party, 'cause a time-loop party don't stop. Like, ever!

Barometer of USS Eldridge


Week 14 - November 29

14.1: The Terror that Flaps in the Night

GM: Henrik. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Mr. Finch (Michael), Marco (Ask), Owen (Magnus), Duke (Sander)

Over a decade after a sinister cult was defeated, it seems that something they left behind has woken up. And it's getting stronger.

Federal Hill Church
Edwin M. Lillibridge
The Shining Trapezohedron
●The Haunter in the Dark

14.2: Internal Affairs

GM: Håkon. Characters: Father Eustace (Torgeir), Dr. Wolfe (Jan), William Gerret (Rune), Patrik (Andreas), Jure (Petter)

Monsters are loose within one of the storage facilities of the Paranormal Division. The place is on lockdown. A team is sent in to deal with the critters, before they can escape and go after innocent civilians.

Silent Harpies

14.3: A Soldier Without a Cause

GM: Sigve. Characters: Willow (Sondre), Catherine (Benedicte), Rin (Martin A), Aoife (PK), O'Malley (Tore)

An invisible assailant is beating up immigrants.

Michael Wechsler

14.4: What Have I Done?!?!

GM: Felix. Characters: Tamara (Hilde), "Lentor" (Jonas), Gomen (Kim), Richard (Vegard)

TL;DR: Some agents have been secretly working for Congming Ren a while.
They manage to break out of the mind control. They also manage to lose the bastard.

The Book of Sacrifice
The Tactical Master's Gameboard


Week 15 - December 6

15.1: Infection Inspection

GM: Henrik. Characters: Tamara (Hilde), ''Doc'' (Martin N), Lexie (Gry), Mr. Finch (Michael), O'Malley (Tore)

Harvey Brubacker
●"Dr. Gregor Samsa" (real name unknown)

15.2: Pride Goeth before Niagara Falls

GM: Håkon. Characters: Gomen (Kim), Willow (Sondre), Gerret (Rune), Duke (Sander)

An Evel Knievel-style show, where daredevils show off their death-defying stunts, is going to be held at the Niagara Falls.

There has also been an increase in omens of doom at this location for the past few months. I wonder why?

Lady Niagara of the Falls

15.3: With Great Power

GM: Magnus. Characters: Fvla (Fredrik), Rin (Martin A), Quinn (Trond), Dr. Wolfe (Jan)

So…what's the Paranormal Division's stance on superheroes?


15.4: To Catch a Thief

GM: Felix. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Yikeria (PK), Richard (Vegard), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan)

"We know you're in there, Congming Ren!
Come out with your hands above your head,
and we won't torture you more than necessary!"

The Parliament of Rooks



Week 16 - December 13

Note: In-game, the scenarios this week take place on July 13th,
as the in-character year is "opposite" the real one.


16.1: We Are the World

GM: Henrik. Characters: Aoife (PK), Rin (Martin A), Gerret (Rune), Marco (Ask)

The world-spanning, mega-famous Live Aid charity concert is being held.
It'll be watched by 1,9 billion people, across 150 nations.
Surey, nobody would try to exploit this event for their own benefit?

Bryan Adams
Ozzy Osbourne
The Producer
The Mandala of Music

16.2: The Day the Musicians Fried

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Duke (Sander), Tamara (Hilde), O'Malley (Tore)

Why are the promising young stars of gospel- and country-music in Nashville
suddenly abandoning their careers to become accountants and lawyers?

The Muses

16.3: Dust to Dust

GM: Felix. Characters: "Brews" (Torgeir), Quinn (Trond), Jure (Petter)

Wild west.

Wild wild west.

Wild weird west.

Fort Assumption

16.4: The Devil went down to Jersey

GM: Fredrik. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Dr. Wolfe (Jan), Jacques (Sigve)

Let's go to the rural areas for southern New Jersey.
Local history and legends can be so very interesting.

…There might also have been a series of violent attacks.

The Jersey Devil (see also its entry on wikipedia)


Week 17 - December 20

17.1: To stay Sane in Maine's in Vain

GM: Sigve. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), Reyes (Mads), Dr. Wolfe (Jan), "Brews" (Torgeir), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Duke (Sander), Tamara (Hilde)

Aiden Schlaffenheim, archaeologist
Nebeltongue, the infernal black star diopside ring


Week 18 - December 27

18.1: Familiar-ity Breeds Contempt

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Rin (Martin A), Jacques (Sigve), Patrik (Henrik)

●The Nahualli family

18.2: Quoth the Raven: Baltimore!

GM: Torgeir. Characters: Willow (Sondre), O'Malley (Tore), Gomen (Kim)

(plot description goes here)


Week 19 - January 3

19.1: THEM!!!

GM: Sigve. Characters: Tamara (Hilde), Lexie (Gry), Gomen (Kim), Pate (Torgeir)

New Mexico
Giant Mutant Ants

19.2: Hey, Listen!

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Willow (Sondre), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Rin (Martin A.), Mabel (Henrik)

The Hildebrand Recording
Arthur Welker
Casey Jackson


Week 20 - January 10

20.1: Know When to Hold 'em

"It might be crooked…"


GM: Henrik. Characters: Duke (Sander), "Lentor" (Jonas), Rin (Martin A)

Las Vegas: A team on a mission has suddenly vanished in mysterious circumstances.

So the player characters are sent to the same place,
to find out what happened to the previous agents,
and hopefully retrieve them alive.

Or, if nothing else, should the same thing happen again,
we'll be able to analyze it with the new sensors we're making you carry around.

●The Night 'Porter / Bell'man'
Junior Kiddo
Blindman Bluff
Graves the Digger
Arsenic in the Old Lace
Lucy on the Strip (with diamonds)
Max Thrust
●Ernesta, the Diamond Queen
L.A.F.O.C. (the Luck And Fortune Oversight Committee)

20.2: Take It on the Otter Side

Or "Do You Wanna Fuck a Snow(wo)man?"

GM: Håkon. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Fvla (Fredrik), Owen (Magnus)

Alaska: Sinister events are taking place. There's snow, SNOW, in Alaska!

Oh, and lots of people (and dogs) are turning up dead,
in utterly non-suspicious circumstances.
Which is in itself pretty suspicious.



20.3: Holy Cow, Bonanza!

GM: Sigve. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), Jure (Petter), Gomen (Kim)

Texas: Why do the monsters of the night keep stealing cows?


20.4: Quest for Washington's Treasure

GM: Felix. Characters: Pate (Torgeir), Catherine (Benedicte), ??? (PK)

New York: The team digging a new set of access-tunnels for the subway system suddenly find a secret vault,
which contains cryptic clues that point the way to where the treasure of the Knights Templar is hidden.

The Paranornal Division is tired of not having the funding needed to cover their budget requirements.
Solution: Find that ancient stash of loot!

The Knights Templar
The Occulted Inheritors of Liberty



Week 21 - January 17

21.1: Know When to Fold 'em

"…but it's the only game in town"


GM: Henrik. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Duke (Sander), Rin (Martin A), Francis (Mads)

Las Vegas

The Bad Hand
Dame Lillian
Corbin Silvertongue
Professor Wilberforth
●Ernesta Stavra Blomenfeld, the Diamond Queen

21.2: We Always Get Our Man

GM: Håkon. Characters: Pate (Torgeir), Lexie (Gry), Aoife (PK), Jacques (Sigve), Fvala (Fredrik)


The Headless Mountie


21.3: King of the Friend-Zone

GM: Felix. Characters: Willow (Sondre), Lucas (Magnus), Mr. Finch (Michael), O'Malley (Tore), Catherine (Benedicte)

Jim Bolton
North Central Positronics


Week 22 - January 24

22.1: Weirdo Wednesday

GM: Henrik. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Duke (Sander), Qiong Li (PK), Catherine (Benedicte)

The Crystal of Exchanged Perspectives
Lady Victoria Holdstadt-Guildenstern Bigglesworth (esquire)
Borlaug Koshcheyovitch
Suresh Kesin Chandrasekhar
Noah Verney
MI 13

22.2: We Always Get Our Man, part 2

GM: Håkon. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), Gerret (Rune), Helen Aristopolous (Olava), Patrik (Åke), Jacques (Sigve)

The headless mountie rides again!

22.3: Second Time's The Charm

GM: Felix. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Gomen (Kim), Tamara (Hilde), Rin (Martin A)

After five weeks spent following his trail, the cooperation between the Paranormal Division and the Parliament of Rooks has at last managed to find out where the notorious scoundrel Congming Ren is going to show up next! While he has thus far worked hard to lie low and never be anywhere near places where his enemies might be active, it transpires that the Parliament's involvement with the black market for magical relics has provided a unique opportunity: It turns out that the bastard is on his way to a city not far south of Chicago, in person, since that's the only way he can buy a highly powerful mystic treasure he's apparently desperately interested in acquiring.

A joint mission is enacted, to make sure the villain doesn't get what he wants, but is finally put behind (magic-proof) bars where he belongs.

Congming Ren


Week 23 - January 31


23.1: A Song of Snow and Magma

GM: Henrik. Characters: Tamara (Hilde), Rin (Martin A), Patrik (Bendik), Marco (Åke), Thomas Duke (Sander)

Hawaii Lava-sledding! Whooo!

Oh, and also returning stolen rocks to placate the volcano-goddess and make her lift her curses on people.

The Big Island
The Spirit World
The Kilauea Caldera


23.2: Grand Theft Archaeology

GM: Sigve. Characters: Fvla (Fredrik), Reyes (Mads), "Lentor" (Jonas), Mr. Finch (Michael), Lexie (Gry)


The Parliament of Rooks
El Tigre
Asiri Sisi

23.3: Hotel Highjinks

GM: Felix. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), ''Doc'' (Martin N), O'Malley (Tore), Gerret (Rune), Catherine (Benedicte)





Week 24 - February 7

24.1: The Falklands Conspiracy

GM: Håkon. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Tamara (Hilde), Gerret (Rune)

Falkland Islands

Tamara is killed by a werewolf.


24.2: The Fifth Sun

GM: Sigve. Characters: Duke (Sander), Gomen (Kim), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan)

Mexico City

Return of the suspicious turkey (gobble, gobble)

Seems the Nahualli Family was behind Zombies from Under Construction. Now they had been taken over by a Vampire claiming to be the avatar of the Aztec god of plague Camazotz. Said Vampire demanded that the Family create a plague to devastate the USA. Agents made contact with a dissenting Family Member by following his pet Turkey. The Vampire not only claimed to be a champion of Camazotz, but also dressed as a Luchador. The team quickly decided to dress as Luchadors, claim to be champions of rival gods and challenge him to a wrestling match! A quick change of plan was made when the team learned through searching Mexico City that they could become champions of the actual Aztec Gods! After a few rituals in underground temples(and one actual human sacrifice(of Thomas Duke(he got better))) the Luchador Team of Campeones de los Dioses was created!

The Champion of Light, The Champion of Night and the Champion of Corn(Maize) Showboated around Mexico City hyping up their arrival before entering the pocket dimension where Nahualli Family had their main temple. An epic Luchador Match followed, in which the Team was victorious. The Nahualli family promised to not harm the US again.

And all across the Mexico City shops are starting to sell Campeones de los Dioses luchador masks.

●The Nahualli family

24.3: Mindfuck

GM: Felix. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), "Lentor" (Jonas), Yikeria (PK), Ji-Yeong Park (Henrik),

The State of Virginia

North-Central Positronics



Week 25 - February 14

Valentine's Day Extravaganza! : D

Note: As the club will be holding its annual General Assembly meeting ("generalforsamling" - "genfors") this evening, no normal games will be played until this official procedure is concluded. As such, this week's scenarios will be shorter and simpler than usual, down to possibly half-sessions compared to the normal scenarios.

25.1: In Medias Res

GM: Henrik. Characters: Lexie (Gry), Gomen (Kim), Catherine (Benedicte), "Sully" (Sigve)

"You are in a nightclub.
There are wolves.
Roll initiative."

Result: Paranormal Division now has a new accountant.

Jibril al-Ifriti

25.2: Night of the Haunted Pizza Joint

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Giovanni Ferrari (PK), Willow (Sondre), "Lentor" (Jonas), O'Malley (Tore)

(plot description goes here)

25.3: Mazes & Minotaurs

GM: Felix. Characters: Gerret (Rune), Mr. Finch (Michael), Roland Marco (Hilde)

Under an old church in Jamestown, a minotaur has been guarding treasures belonging to the Occult Inheritors of Liberty. The agents went there to pick them up, and mr Gerret's sharp eye for hidden doors, mr Finch's ideas for how to open them, and dr Marco's willingness to spill bodily fluids on architecture when needed let them find the treasures in astonishingly short time. They were then intercepted by a minotaur, who insisted on keeping them as guests for their own protection. While mr Gerret experimented with toilets and explosives, and dr Marco plied the minotaur with chocolate and whisky, mr Finch convinced the minotaur that since most accidents happen at home, the agents needed to be moved out of the guest quarters. Some quick thinking and a quicker dash for freedom enabled them to escape the unwelcome hospitality.

The recovered treasures consist of: A bow with a spirit arrow, a ring, a sword which only exists in Twilight, an extremely forgettable glowing orb, a tarot deck which can either predict the future, give advice, or both, and a cup.

It's worth mentioning that the briefing and equipment provided for this mission by the Division was extremely useful. Without excellent preparations from competent staff, it's highly doubtful that the mission would have had such a happy and painless outcome.




Week 26 - February 21

26.1: The Last Cipher of the Buzzard

GM: Håkon. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), "Sully" (Sigve), Maximillian (Francois), Mabel (Henrik)

Olivier Levasseur, "The Buzzard"

26.2: Sabotage of the Sunken Ship

GM: Fredrik. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Gomen (Kim), Pate (Torgeir), William (Rune), Jure (Petter)

Back during 8.1 "Mystery of the Cursed Mansion" the agents learned the exact coordinates where a ship sank, sixty years ago, while talking with the ghost of a young thief who happened to die during the event. Now it's time to dive down into the ocean depths, and see what we can recover from the long-lost vessel.

26.3: The Bermuda Triangle Incident

GM: Felix. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), O'Malley (Tore), Giovanni (PK), Argus McJanus (Erlend)

The Bermuda Triangle


Week 27 - February 28


27.1: American Tune

GM: Henrik. Characters: Rin (Martin A), Duke (Sander), Johann Adler (Rune), Mr. Finch (Michael)

Something the size of an office building, whether a creature or phenomenon or something else, has rampaged across the United States for decades, wrecking and/or disintegrating seemingly at random. Not only that, but these events happen all over the country, sometimes crossing the whole continent in one day, with no sign that it had to cross the space inbetween. No surviving eyewitnesses have come forwards to tell us what this thing is, or even what it looks like.

So it seems like there's an extremely lethal godzilla-like monster who can teleport.

And the agents are sent to recruit it….

Irinam, the Magath-Spirit of the American Dream



27.2: The Mary Celeste Mystery

GM: Håkon. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Catherine (Benedicte), "Doc" (Martin N.), Argus McJanus (Erlend)

The Mary Celeste

комитет по специальному исследованию

27.3: A Faceless Man is Hard to Find

GM: Jonathan. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), Jure Bernard (Petter), ??? (Sigve)

(plot description goes here)


Week 28 - March 7


28.1: Be Our Guest

GM: Henrik. Characters: Catherine (Benedicte), Roland (Hilde), Giovanni Ferrari (PK), Duke (Sander)


The Golden Goose
Madame Medea


28.2: Debugging

GM: Sigve. Characters: Johann Adler (Rune), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Rin (Martin A), Maximillian (Francois)


28.3: Unfinished Business

GM: Felix. Characters: Gomen (Kim), O'Malley (Tore), Fvla (Fredrik)

The Phantom Hitchhiker


Week 29 - March 14

29.1: Iron Curtain Parkour

GM: Henrik. Characters: Lexie (Gry), Rin (Martin A), Pawel Jagoda (Sigve), Qiong Li (PK)

East Berlin

комитет по специальному исследованию (Comittee for Special Research)
Проект Лысе́нко (Project Lysenko)
Elena Sokolov
Igor Burzchevich
Ivanovitzj Chenkov

29.2: Project Rainbow

GM: Felix. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Duke (Sander), Gomen (Kim), Claire Saito (Sondre)

Project Rainbow

USS Eldrige
North-Central Positronics
Liam Winters
Rebecca Marshall
Amy Washington
Taylor McBride
Extradimensional Shadow Creature

29.3: Unintended Consequences

GM: Fredrik. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), O'Malley (Tore), ''Doc'' (Martin N), Roland (Hilde)

Blake Andrew Ward


Week 30 - March 21

30.1: The Shape of Things to Come

GM: Henrik. Characters: Fvla (Fredrik), O'Malley (Tore), Rin (Martin A), Mr. Finch (Michael), Francis Reyes (Mads)


Sinister supernatural schemes suspected at solitary Soviet station.

30.2: The Paperclip Paradox Problem

GM: Håkon. Characters: Johann (Rune), Duke (Sander), Jean Molay (Kim), Giovanni (PK)

West Germany: Damsels in distress!

…..though, do they still count as "damsels" if they're senior citizens?

30.3: It's no better to be safe than sorry

GM: Felix. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), "Lentor" (Jonas), Catherine (Benedicte), Roland (Hilde), Pawel (sigve)

Current popular music is clearly having a corrupting influence on today's youth,
and so someone has to attend an upcoming glamorous launch-party
and mingle with the famous pop stars, and find a way to pump them for information.

The rest of the team has to commit crimes.



Week 31 - March 28

31.1: Things to Come, part 2

GM: Henrik. Characters: Rin (Martin A), Mr. Finch (Michael), Lexie (Gry), ''Doc'' (Martin N.), O'Malley (Tore)

Britney the giant mutant cockroach
Radiation-Brain of Chernobyl
Elena Sokolov

31.2: The Man In Green

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Pawel (Sigve), Jean Molay (Kim), "Lentor" (Jonas), ??? (PK), Claire Saito (Sondre)

The Man In Green


Week 32 - April 4

32.1: Meeting of the Minds

GM: Henrik. Characters: Duke (Sander), "Lentor" (Jonas), Catherine (Benedicte), Willow (Sondre)

Rebecca Summerset / Doctor Wintergreen
Igor Burzchevich
Ivanovitzj Chenkov
Комитет по Специальному Исследованию
North-Central Positronics
The Soul Train
The Underworld

32.2: A Higher State of Being

GM: Håkon. Characters: Roland (Hilde), Fvla (Fredrik), Yikeria (PK), Pawel (Sigve)


Do you want to hunt a snowman?
It's an abominable snowman!
(ok, so it's a "yeti", but still…)

MI 13

32.3: Alea Iacta Est

GM: Felix. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), O'Malley (Tore), Rin (Martin A), Gerret (Rune)

The Vatican


Week 33 - April 11

33.1: The Game Has Changed

GM: Henrik. Characters: ??? (PK), Rin (Martin A), Fvla (Fredrik), "Lentor" (Jonas), Johann (Rune)

Hong Kong

MI 13

33.2: Blast from the Past

GM: Håkon. Characters: Lexie (Gry), O'Malley (Tore), Pawel (Sigve), ''Doc'' (Martin N), Willow (Sondre)

Комитет по Специальному Исследованию

33.3: Strange Bedfellows

GM: Felix. Characters: Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), Duke (Sander), Catherine (Benedicte), Roland (Hilde), Jean (Kim)

The Undead-Americans


Week 34 - April 18

34.1: Hong Kong Hustle

Or "The Game Has Changed", part 2

GM: Henrik. Characters: Rin (Martin A), "Lentor" (Jonas), Roland (Hilde), Qiong Li (PK)

Hong Kong

Chosen Ones
Princess Malachite
Red the Power Ranger
King the Monkey

Maharani Jhaalaa, the Marchessa
Kurama, the Void Fox

34.2: Paranormal Division Down Under

GM: Håkon. Characters: Fvla (Fredrik), Catherine (Benedicte), O'Malley (Tore), Jean (Kim), Argus (Ronja)


The team would like it to be known that its not their fault that Australia is turning into a Mad Max Hellhole. No, that is totally the fault of the Platypus demon of Wrath!


34.3: Transport Trouble

GM: Felix. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Duke (Sander), Pawel (Sigve), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan)

Location: Everywhere and nowhere


Week 35 - April 26


Please note that the club evening is delayed by 1 day this week, so this one time the saga session happens on thursday, and not on wednesday.

35.1: Voyage of the Necronaut

GM: Henrik. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), Duke (Sander), Roland (Hilde)

Location: The Afterlife

35.2: Cards on the Table

GM: Felix. Characters: Lexie (Gry), Rin (Martin A), Mr. Finch (Michael), Pawel (Sigve)

Location: Secret communist vampire fortress in the arctic

35.3: The Enemy Gate is Down

GM: Jonathan. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), Gerret (Rune), Willow (Sondre), Owen (Magnus)

Soviet vampires invade the USA.



Week 36 - May 2

36.1: Shiny, Happy People

GM: Henrik. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), O'Malley (Tore), ''Doc'' (Martin N), Duke (Sander)

(plot description goes here)

36.2: Tick-tock: the Doomsday Clock

GM: Felix. Characters: "Lentor" (Jonas), ??? (PK), Fvla (Fredrik), Johann (Rune)

(plot description goes here)

36.3: The Final Countdown

GM: Jonathan. Characters: Pawel (Sigve), Rin (Martin A), Willow (Sondre), Jean (Kim), Roland (Hilde)

(plot description goes here)


Week 37 - May 9

37.1: LFG

GM: Henrik. Characters: Mr. Finch (Michael), Fvla (Fredrik), Roland (Hilde), Giovanni (PK), Johann (Rune)

(plot description goes here)

37.2: Czech Mate

GM: Håkon. Characters: O'Malley (Tore), ''Doc'' (Martin N), Dr. Ezzy (Jonathan), ??? (Sondre), "Lentor" (Jonas)

(plot description goes here)

37.3: Divine Move

GM: Felix. Characters: Pawel (Sigve), Jean (Kim), Lexie (Gry), Duke (Sander), Rin (Martin A)

(plot description goes here)



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