Susan Swann

Nature: NPC
Type: Special Agent / "Slasher"
Allegiance: Operations Department (sort of)

First Encountered: 13.1 "American Maniac"

Description: Short, mousey, glasses, introverted, good at being overlooked as a "background person".

Information: Was incredibly intelligent criminal profiler working with the FBI, and eventually transferred to the section which later became the "operations department" when the Paranormal Division was created.

She was the operative who finally managed to capture the extremely dangerous and manipulative Doctor Rebecca Summerset, after months of tracking her and learning as much about her habits and behavior as possible. She also handled the initial interrogations.

Unfortunately, it seems that this affected Agent Swann negatively, in a way "infecting" her with a variant of Dr. Summerset's own madness. There is evidence to suggest that this was intentionally accomplished by the doctor, and her later comments indicate that this is why she "allowed" herself to be hunted and captured.

Swann soon vanished, having cleared the FBI / Operations Departments of as much about herself and her recent activities as she could, to prevent her own capture. She soon continued her work, according to her own testimony, because she felt that the organization was too weak and not willing to do what needed to be done to take out the monsters in the world. But she didn't do this herself, but rather mentally manipulated other people into specific types of madness, whether obsessions or delusional beliefs or compulsions, which led them to lethally assault the supernatural creature ex-agent Swann was currently working to eliminate. However, the people she used as her 'weapons' were all criminals or 'bad people', who had somehow managed to avoid legal punishments.

Result: If the human killed the monster, they'd be arrested for the murder. If the monster killed the human who attacked them, they were exposed and either fled or were taken down by authorities. If they killed each other? Nothing of worth was lost.

The remarkable thing was that Swann continued to file meticulous mission reports, though she mailed them in long enough after the case was over that the reports didn't lead to her arrest, at least not until recently. Even worse, if an investigator read too many of these reports, it eventually mentally reprogrammed them somehow, letting Swann twist them to her own ends.

In the end she was eventually caught by the player characters, with the help of Doctor Summerset.

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