Suspicious Dog

Nature: NPC
Type: Dog(?)
Gender: Male

First encountered: 4.5 "New Dog, Old Tricks"

Information: This dog is being examined at the secure medical research facility run by Dr Sarah and Dr Davis. He is, or at least has the appearance of, a flat-coated retriever, and observes everyone and everything with suspicion. Further, his movements and stance are strongly abnormal for a dog, and Agents have been told that other dogs avoid him. (Imagine the dog shown in the picture is looking at you with an incredibly suspicious expression)

During the events of "New Dog, Old Tricks" he was seemingly kidnapped by Max Watkins, but was then found unexpectedly in the back of the Agents van. Examination on both animal behaviour and occult knowledge from the Agents did not reveal anything pertinent past it is absolutely possible that he is just a dog, and it is likewise as possible that he is something else, or something more. The dog was returned to the medical research facility, where Dr. Davis assured the Agents that the truth would soon be known. Abigail Crowley and Aoife Cooney both indicated to Dr. Davis that they were interested in spending more time with the suspicious dog, with Abigail asking if she could visit him, and Aoife saying that she wanted to take him for walks.

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