Tamara Jones

Killed by a werewolf on the Falkland Islands.

Pre ●●○○○
Man ●●●○○
Com ●●○○○
Str ●●○○○
Dex ●●●●○
Sta ●●○○○
Int ●○○○○
Wit ●●○○○
Res ●●●○○

Morality ●●●●● . ●●○○○
Health ●●●●● . ●●○○○
Willpower ●●●●● . ○○○○○
Excellence ●○○○○
Brawl ○○○○○
Drive ○○○○○
Firearms ○○○○○
Larceny ○○○○○
Stealth ●●●○○
Survival ○○○○○
Weaponry ○○○○○
Academics ○○○○○
Crafts ○○○○○
Investigate ○○○○○
Medicine ○○○○○
Politics ○○○○○
Science ○○○○○
Spycraft ○○○○○

Animal Ken ○○○○○
Empathy ●●●○○
Expression ○○○○○
Intimidation ○○○○○
(fast talk)
Socialize ○○○○○
Streetwise ●●○○○
Subterfuge ●●●○○

Nature: Player Character
Player: Hilde
User: HildeAHildeA

Type: Special Agent
Branch: Operations Department

Virtue: Fortitude (Don't let the bastards grind you down)
Vice: Wrath (Eat the rich)


This is what she looks like (image not embedded because the image isn't published with an open license)

Gender: Woman
Age: 20-ish
Origin: Chicago
Ethnicity: Melting pot (white/light brown,
~Mediterranean or Middle East)

Body: Muscled, wiry
Hair: Naturally brownish black. Ususally purple, orange, or blue, and partly shaved.
Eyes: Brown
Height: Somewhat below average
Style: Typical punk - scruffy jeans, leather jacket, nails, piercings.


History: Grew up in poor family (single mother, some siblings). Worked various minimum wage jobs, mostly cafes, fastfood etc.

Kidnapped by vampire, kept as pet/snack. Lessons from customer service useful: Keep a cheerful, friendly facade, don't let them guess what you think, wear the stupid stuff they want you to wear (velvet dresses and lace is even more annoying than polyester fast food uniforms), keep careful track of their emotions so you can be very quiet when they are in a bad mood.

Managed to escape (probably when vampire was killed in some infighting).

Joined a group of punks. Safety in numbers, learning to defend herself and others (preferably by running/climbing somewhere safe, then throw things).

Recruited by the agency just before the campaign started.

Goals, Ambitions, Desires:
Get the bastards.


● Parkour 4
● Indomitable 2
● Contacts 1 (punks)


● Occult: Occult in-jokes
● Athletics: Deadly accuracy
● Empathy: Body language

Tamara will work on breaking free from mind control.


  1. Try to keep track of which thoughts and feelings are her own, and which might be imposed on her. Write a journal about current thoughts/feelings so she can notice if they change. (She expects the Paranormal Division to snoop, so she won't be explicit about anti-PD-feelings.)
  2. Discuss with other agents/experts. Cover story (which has the advantage of being true): She's very disturbed about the how the spirit of Hamtramck was able to change her feelings, and wants as much information as possible to help her detect + fight better if something similar happens again.
  3. Hang out a bit more with her fellow victims, maybe very carefully sound them out if they seem unhappy or disturbed.

She feels no great loyalty to Paranormal Division, so potentially having to betray it doesn't bother her much. (After all, she doesn't expect PD to be loyal to its agents: When Thomas Duke was captured by a vampire, the team got orders to kill him if they couldn't save him.) But if she's compelled to betray the division, it's likely that she'll harm colleagues. She also strongly dislikes the enemy who's controlling her - he's an archetypical capitalist bastard, stealing from others to get more power for himself. And most importantly. She really, really, really doesn't like it when others control her.

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