Nature: "Creature" type / Subtype of human
Class: Minor Template (player option)


A Thaumaturge is a ritual magician, and a "professional" one at that; someone who has devoted enough work into the practice of magic that it's become their "creature type".

Most cultures throughout history have had some idea of what a "magician" is like, and so a lot of different traditions of mysticism have developed over the centuries. Each Thaumaturge belongs to one of these, based on what sort of training and study and what sort of rituals and beliefs it is which happens to give them their powers.


The example traditions written up in the sourcebook are listed below, and their "Defining Ritual".

Dark Apostle (Communion)

Ceremonial Magician (Luck Magic)

Hedge Witch (Enchantment)

Shaman (Visionary Trance)

Taoist Alchemist ([Internal OR External] Alchemy)

Vodoun (Invocation [ghosts])

If the player has an idea for something they want to play that isn't covered by this list,
they can discuss the creation of a homebrewed Tradition with the GM team.

Chargen Rules

1) Choose a "Tradition"

2) Note down the "Strength" and "Weakness" granted by your Tradition

3) Add the free 4-dot "Defining Ritual" also granted by your Tradition

4) Spend Merit-dots to buy any additional Rituals you want, from the list of Rituals available to your Tradition

5) The "Second Sight" book, which has all the rules for Thaumaturges, also lists a small set of special Merits they can buy.

Known Thaumaturges

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