Yasmin Vance

Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Gender: Female

First encountered: 2.4 "Cutting Edge"

Information: Yasmin robbed a bank, and got off because they couldn't prove whether it was her or her twin sister who did the deed.

She was living happy on her stolen money until weird things started happening around her. A woman confronted her in an alley, claiming that Yasmin would pay for her crimes. Then the woman slashed her own wrist and died. Yasmin took the strange blade the woman had used home with her.

Soon afterwards, a bunch of strange people came into her home. They claimed she was in danger. And then one of them seemed to teleport, and the rest of them started talking about absolutely crazy things! Demons, spirits and people in dinosaur masks. Yasmin managed to get them to leave, but when she called the police they would not listen to her.

The experience left her truly uneasy. Most of it she could write off as crazy people, but the teleporting? That was difficult to explain away. She had gotten a glimpse of something, and it was impossible to just return to her normal, ignorant life after that.

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